Comments - 2015 Mustang to Pack Turbo Four?

Published: Oct 21, 2012
Description: As its 2013 New York Auto Show reveal gets closer, the internet has been full of rumors regarding the next-generation Ford Mustang. We already know that the next Mustang will ride on a new rear-wheel-...
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Jersey Bob Feb 22, 2013
If I wanted to buy a Kia I would. Or is this a new performance Fusion. I f Ford does this I will buy a Camaro.
David Munasinghe Oct 23, 2012
The "Mustang III" is coming. Seventies are back again. OMG.
Jared Palmer Oct 22, 2012
I applaud Ford for their new design language, the Taurus and Explorer are classy looking vehicles in my opinion. If Ford can pull enough of the Evos into the Mustang, tastefully, I think Ford will have a global hit.
Ethan Amo Oct 22, 2012
Damn, the retro looks made it iconic, I'm not sure how this will turn out
Taylor Rosello Oct 22, 2012
That's the Evos, not the Mustang
David Jefferis Oct 22, 2012
The Mondeo-cum-Aston Martin styling in this pic is handsome enough - but lose the Mustang looks, and you lose the brand's individuality.
Nate Mata Oct 21, 2012
It's iconic, the average driver doesnt mistake a mustang ... The average driver would mistake an Aston Martin with a Maserati... Sad but true... I sure hope we don't lose our iconic car..
Johnny Francis Oct 21, 2012
Thank god they're ditching the solid axle
Ambro's Landscaping Oct 21, 2012
I think it looks cool by I feel like it losing its American muscle look. It looks to foreign for me.
James Salaba Oct 29, 2012
I really hope that this is a joke!!!!!! Nothing to do with Mustang whatsoever!!!!! And small engine with turbo common people what is gonna be next maybe a diesel power pony? Please Ford don't make it please I beg you!
Scott Westphall Oct 23, 2012
Hey the new Ford Probe... Not a Mustang. Hope ford wakes up on this. This current path shown here will be a disaster.
Wyatt Gordon Oct 22, 2012
Don't you dare give it a turbo 4, Ford. dont you dare. that would disgrace the day's of awesome V8 Bullitt Fastbacks, and more importantly, that would disgrace Lee Iacocca
John Garcia Oct 22, 2012
I really hope Ford knows what they're getting themselves into....
Jason Brown Oct 22, 2012
Yeah, not seeing the fox body... I see more of a hatch. Just google some original mustang fox body that hasn't been modified.
giovan67 Oct 22, 2012
well done ford do what you did to the mustang in the 70s totally stuffed it up and then you went back to the real roots of mustang with real engine please if you put a turbo I one make it a twin turbo v8
Dale McIntyre Oct 22, 2012
Really hope they take some cues from this, the headlights look so damn aggressive I love them. also people need to read ip on their history before complaining, did I See someone say they'd be pisses about a 4 cyl?
Scott Crim Oct 22, 2012
ass for styling this Evos has pretty heavy euro influence much like fords other new models and the 4cyl would also be marketed more towards them. its really of no shame at all. I seriously doubt they will discontinue offering a v-8, its the base model that would likely get the 4 cylinder. this is not uncommon as Ford had done this in Mustangs past. I should know my first car was a 4cylinder mustan...
Diamadi Haralambous Oct 22, 2012
Totally not a mustang look / this says new nice old man car - the mustang needs to keep that muscle in your face attitude look
Thomas Isnt Green Oct 22, 2012
Looks like a Taurus hatch....not a mustang but it's cool
Trent Griffin Oct 21, 2012
"The Mustang SVO was a limited-production version of the Ford Mustang sold from 1984 to 1986, during which time it was the fastest, most expensive version of the Mustang available. Although it departed both physically and mechanically from any prior version of the Mustang, it held the same spot within the lineup, both in terms of performance over "lesser" variants and in prestige, as had variants ...
Devin Babyn Oct 21, 2012
In what world is the current gen even remotely a hatchback? It isn't even a lift back man. Its got a trunk so it's a coupe, end of story
Ben Norton Oct 21, 2012
Jason there has almost always been a hatchback mustang. Fastbacks, fox bodies, and even the new mustangs are technically hatchbacks
Joseph Flieder Oct 21, 2012
@jason… fox body
Anthony Palmisano Oct 21, 2012
I hope Ford knows that if they came out with a car with this design, everybody would buy it, no question.
Benjamin Levin-O'Leary Oct 21, 2012
Its great that they're getting way more efficient, but in Mustangs, the engine makes the car. An Aventador wouldn't be an Aventador if it had a V6.
Jr Dawkins Oct 21, 2012
This is a very passive design. Does not scream 'muscle car' at all... Looks more like it should be called the new Ford Taurus Coupe.
Christo Savaides Oct 21, 2012
How can anybody dislike this? It's beautiful. Oh wait, it's disliked by the same people who actually think Mustangs look good. Carry on.
Jason Brown Oct 21, 2012
Wtf Ford... Are they trying to transition a muscle car into a hatch? Add dislike button please...
Julian Pilinci Oct 21, 2012
How can this be a mustang anymore?!
Scott Williams Oct 21, 2012
I hope they make the front end different from the Fusion. As much as I like the Aston Martin styling, it's not Mustang. The doors are cool, and the flared wheel arches are okay. Not a fan of much else.
Trent Griffin Oct 21, 2012
The only way I would ever buy a new Mustang is if it looked like it
Kevin Carlin Oct 21, 2012
Change the back end please
Ryan Heetderks Oct 21, 2012
I will be pissed of they put a 4cyl engine in it.
David Bradley Oct 21, 2012
Nice looking but shouldn't be called a mustang
Morgan Marcella Oct 21, 2012
The future mustang maybe?
Thibault Leroy Oct 21, 2012
It looks like a kia
Daniel Mcfarlan Riedmuller Oct 21, 2012
Oops. My mistake. It is the Evos.
Daniel Mcfarlan Riedmuller Oct 21, 2012
It is not the Evos. That has 4 doors. This has 2. It is the same old rendering that car buzz had shown like 6 months ago
Javier Alonso Rivas Oct 21, 2012
i hope they dont use this kind of grill on the new mustang! really dont like it
Devin Babyn Oct 21, 2012
They really really need to put headlines so idiots know what they're looking at
Sebastian Grey Oct 21, 2012
Yeah people calm the shit down and read the article in full first.
Austin Shaw Oct 21, 2012
This is the Evos concept.....mustang will take some cues from it. Not all if them...
Ben 'Jammin Peters Oct 21, 2012
Good looking car, but definitely not a mustang.
Herman Cham Oct 21, 2012
Looks like a Mitsubishi design
Aislin Cooper Oct 21, 2012
As soon as they fix the suspension, they make it look terrible. Classic
Darian Vorlick Oct 21, 2012
I don't think I'd like this as a Mustang, but I'd certainly buy this car.
Ben Brown Oct 21, 2012
Still not a mustang
Chaz Gill Oct 21, 2012
Isn't this the Evos?
Paul Pickard Oct 21, 2012
I think I could like the styling more if I didn't know it was intended to be a mustang.
Brian Sturgess Oct 21, 2012
If they changed the back end, I'd be up for it.
Boyd Boudreaux Oct 21, 2012
Love it I'm just wondering if it says mustang but its very much a game changer for the other two players
Description: Currently the Mustang is available with a 3.7-liter V6 or a 5.0-liter V8, following the path set down by previous iterations of the pony car. But with Ford pushing its EcoBoost technology, the Mustang...
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Antonio Falsetti Oct 23, 2012
310 hp from a 2.3 liter is good.
Kim Sitler Oct 22, 2012
But wouldn't it be cool to blow away a camaro and when they ask what's under the hood, you can embarrass them by saying..... "Just a 4 banger"
Tin Nguyen Oct 22, 2012
No!!! Turbo four for a muscle car?? Are you serious? Stay with the v8. Mustang is not an import tuner.
John Garcia Oct 22, 2012
People say Ford is just "moving with the times" but such an iconic car shouldn't be moving with the times. It should stay the way that it made history. I say stop changing the mustang all together before they ruin it for good.
Brady Fereday Oct 21, 2012
I thought the mustang was always a pony car never a muscle car
Ben Norton Oct 21, 2012
I'm ok with the turbo 4. It helps with the gas mileage mandates and there will always be the V8 option. I'm not looking to buy a V6, so I don't care if they make it a 4
Clay Williams Oct 21, 2012
If this happens the mustang will no longer be a muscle car it will just be a name plate used to help sell a new coupe version of the focus.
Babaloo Anderson Oct 21, 2012
V8 or no mustang
Jörgen Nilsson Oct 21, 2012
Andrew: a version af Volvos engine, yes. But Ford has done some serious tuning.
Ryan Spencer Oct 21, 2012
I agree, but as long as it remains a muscle car with a proper V8, I'll be happy.
Paul Dickey Oct 21, 2012
I would put money down for a decked out turbo 4 daily driver mustang in a heartbeat. Especially if it starts out with that much power and irs. Sounds awesome.
David Bradley Oct 21, 2012
The Mustang shouldn't be a "global car". It's an American icon and needs to stay that way
Victor Pitts Oct 21, 2012
I think it would be a good idea to keep that partnership with Cosworth in this case. That would be one helluva motor to tune! Make it come in the turbo four and also keep the V8 package. That's turbo should handle quite well...
Andrew Palmer Oct 21, 2012
Didn't the rs500 have volvo's turbo 5?
Sea Wolf Oct 21, 2012
aston Martin. great looking car. 2015 mustang cheap mans aston martin
Thibault Leroy Oct 21, 2012
Im fine with them using a turbo four as long as they keep the V6 and V8
Austin Shaw Oct 21, 2012
They definitely need to use the 2.3 if they are going with a turbo 4. That 2.0 would be a huge downgrade from the v6.
Brady Fereday Oct 21, 2012
In all honesty I bet the turbo 4 would be worlds better than the v6 especially if they put the rs500 motor in it
Description: For comparison's sake, the 3.7-liter V6 in the current base Mustang produces 305 horsepower. This new EcoBoost four will also likely power the upcoming Focus RS. Fuel economy is also said to be a...
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Patrick Schalk Oct 25, 2012
I haven't just because I know we will never see it here in the states. I'm not knocking the amount of cylinders because I know the Ecoboost stuff is awesome. But you don't get the sound like a V8. A twin screw supercharged V8 is the best sound ever
Jim Walker Oct 24, 2012
@Patrick, fair enough, enjoy your V8, torque is great and they make a lovely noise. Have you checked out any links for the Ford Falcon Eco Boost 2 litre yet? Goes pretty good
Clay Williams Oct 22, 2012
Yes there have been I-4 mustangs before and they have gone down in history as some of the worst cars ever made.
Scott Crim Oct 22, 2012
@Clay Williams: it't not messing with tradition. The Mustang has had a base model 4 cylinder in its past. a V-8 will continue to be offered as an optional extra.
Michael Davidson Oct 22, 2012
Yeah, I have no problem with 4 cylinders, as long as the 5.0 is still an option.
Patrick Schalk Oct 22, 2012
Jim, yes I buy my own fuel. But I stand by my statement. I'd shell out extra money for a 5.0.
Clay Williams Oct 22, 2012
When it comes to the mustang the problem isn't the performance it's messing with tradition.
Jack Dransfield Oct 22, 2012
inline 4 because it sells better in the domestic market.
Jack Dransfield Oct 22, 2012
I don't think Ford should mix the Mustang with the European market over here as you don't downsize a performance car so it's better suited to the domestic market that's like giving the GTR a 1.6
Jim Walker Oct 22, 2012
@Shelby & @Patrick - Glad to see you're keeping an open mind. Do you buy your own fuel? Do you ever go around corners? Could be a turbo 4 is better for both?
Scott Crim Oct 22, 2012
the turbo 4 that would go into this mustang is more powerful and more torquey than the previous iteration of 5.0 anyway. So it goes to show how far motors have come: a modern 4cylinder mustang would STILL be MORE POWERFUL than an older 5.0 period. those of you whining about needing performance are simply wrong. Yes, modern v-8 would of course be more powerful than this 4cylinder but the fact that...
Alex Renaud Oct 22, 2012
@Shelby: I prefer the turbo 4 over the 5.0, and I am a someone. So there.
Clay Williams Oct 21, 2012
GM is a very global company so I can see them putting an I-4 in the comaro, but When it comes to the challenger dodge is a purist, there's no way they would go to a turbo-4.
Devin Babyn Oct 21, 2012
My dads 4.6 gets a tad over 30mpg. If you want mileage out of it then you have to drive accordingly
Jordan Jackson Oct 21, 2012
And another thing ya gotta think about, when the mustang starts doing this, Chevy and mopar won't be far behind either, the 4 bangers had mileage will make it an easy choice for people who aren't diehard fans
Shelby Cassandra Oct 21, 2012
@David. The gas mileage is better than the 4.6 had. I think my dad said he gets 14 average in his 08 bullit. Granted that engine is pushing 750 horsepower to the wheels, but still terrible mpg even stock.
David Bradley Oct 21, 2012
I have a 5.0 mustang and its an amazing engine. Not one issue with it. Gas mileage sucks but its a beast. Need to keep some version of a V-8.
Patrick Schalk Oct 21, 2012
Haha I know how much girls like to hear that.
Shelby Cassandra Oct 21, 2012
@Patrick. "Shelby is right." Music to my ears. Lol
David Justice Oct 21, 2012
Like what Jordan said a few comments down, people shouldn't worry. Big muscle is coming to new Mustang. The four is merely an optional engine.
Patrick Schalk Oct 21, 2012
Ford is. Chevy isn't
Seth McCormick Oct 21, 2012
Were slowly loosing a grip on big engines. No mustang is a mustang without a big v8.
Patrick Schalk Oct 21, 2012
Shelby is right. Anyone crazy enough to take a four banger stang over a 5-Oh is an idiot.
Shelby Cassandra Oct 21, 2012
@Jim. No one wants a turbo 4 over the 5.0. No one.
Jim Walker Oct 21, 2012
Check out reviews of the Aussie Ford Falcon with the 2 litre turbo four - all the performance of the 4 litre six, wayyyy better fuel consumption and it goes around corners better because there is so much less weight over the front wheels. Give the turbo four a chance you might find you don't need five litres to have fun.
David Parenti Oct 21, 2012
@oscar. It's true, the v6 outsells the 5.0 probably around 3 to 1. The v6 is a peppy little option if you want a mustang but don't have the cheddar for the v8. And it still drives pretty good.
John Serely Oct 21, 2012
As long as they don't ditch the 5.0, I don't care!
Oscar Vaca Oct 21, 2012
The mustang will always have the option of a V8 here in the states. This is just a smart move for Ford. With the mustang going global, they need something that will sell and sell well. At the Ford dealership I am at, the V6 mustangs sell 2 or 3 times faster. We have a 5.0 on the lot that is beautiful, but just won't sell and will sit there for much longer.
Jordan Jackson Oct 21, 2012
Oh don't worry, there's no way in hell they're ditching the 5.0 they just came out with a few years ago, this will just replace the six
Petre Draghici Oct 21, 2012
The stang isn't a stang without the 5.0 v8.
Alejandro De León Reza Oct 24, 2012
I like it. But the name doesn't fit there.
Stuart Bailey Oct 23, 2012
Looks like a Hyundai. Yuk.
Robert Shurtz Oct 23, 2012
Evos mustang concept, not the real mustang, real mustang will look more like the current mustang
Max Ignatyev Oct 21, 2012
Looks like something that telsa would make...which is a good thing
Dillon Magee Oct 21, 2012
I this looks fantastic, IMO.
Victor Pitts Oct 21, 2012
What's all this mustang talk when they're showing the damn evos?!??
Brady Williams Oct 21, 2012
@idiots Please read the name on the back of the car
Yasser Zahabi Oct 21, 2012
Well coming from someone who doesn't like mustangs .. I can honestly say this is smart move on fords side . Albeit the production car never looks like this though .. Definitely something worth looking at no Matter the badge
Cameron Tapia Oct 21, 2012
It's not even a mustang anymore! I don't like it!
Jack Howard Oct 21, 2012
That would be badass if they made a new fastback
Jordan Jackson Oct 21, 2012
As a concept not a production car*
Jordan Jackson Oct 21, 2012
Cuz it is a hatch, but it's not the mustang, it's the evos, which came out a while ago
Cole Stovall Oct 21, 2012
Looks like hatchback. Not cool.
Jason Mosery Oct 21, 2012
David....this was made before the Urus.
David Teodorico Oct 21, 2012
So Ford bought Lamborghini's Urus Design ?!? :-/
Daniel Eads Oct 21, 2012
It's a good thing that it's not going to look like this.
Maury L. Meredith Oct 21, 2012
The ass is a little over the top. just saying....
Sebastian Farrer Oct 22, 2012
Vicious looking !! Like it !!
Morgan Marcella Oct 21, 2012
Those rims look ghastly
Benjamin Levin-O'Leary Oct 22, 2012
Can't wait for this. There's one on my block. Sounds amazing.
Benjamin Levin-O'Leary Oct 22, 2012
The xx thing is weird.
Benjamin Levin-O'Leary Oct 22, 2012
Whats with the exhaust?
Benjamin Levin-O'Leary Oct 22, 2012
What does it look like? I can't tell as my eyes are bleeding.
Darren Nardo Oct 22, 2012
Like the front , hate the back!
Bobby Bob Oct 22, 2012
The Phoenicians called and want their glass back. The cavemen called and want their wheels back.
Stephen Wood Oct 21, 2012
Audi called and wanted their headlights back
Osman Azimy Oct 21, 2012
The grill still looks a bit like the proper mustang.
Boyd Boudreaux Oct 21, 2012
Nice view looks real stout
Chris O'Brien Oct 23, 2012
shelby cassandra is a dude. true story.
Robert Shurtz Oct 23, 2012
That's y they can do that
Robert Shurtz Oct 23, 2012
Ford owns Aston Martin
Siya Fadane Oct 22, 2012
Fords front ends are starting to smell like Aston. Cant believe ford would play this kind of a card. Disgusted at the obviousness. ( the fusion was the first to try this). VW owns quite a few but the don't do that.
John Garcia Oct 22, 2012
With the grill and headlights it just looks like the car is pissed the whole time. But it makes sense, if I was that car knowing I was ruining the image of a mustang, I'd be pissed too.
Jared Millstead Oct 22, 2012
so the fox body looked like a mustang? its time to evolve from the retro themed look.
Brandon Olsen Oct 22, 2012
Looks like a badass new version of a 70's stang. Which was my least favorite but this is amazing, nice job ford!
Michael Davidson Oct 21, 2012
I actually think it all looks really cool, just not like a mustang.
Michael Davidson Oct 21, 2012
That's what I was thinking, the front half looks great, but the back half not so much.
Shelby Cassandra Oct 21, 2012
Everything from the doors back on this concept is pretty bad.