Comments - Velocity Veloster Bound for SEMA

Published: Oct 20, 2012
Description: Hyundai revealed a pair of tuned Veloster concepts over the past couple of days, but they weren't bound for SEMA as you'd expect. They were showcased at the Australian International Motor Sh...
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Description: Packing 400 horsepower, the 1.6-liter turbo four in the Velocity Veloster was also tuned by Cosworth, which installed new pistons and rods, upgraded turbocharger, intercooler, intake manifold and fuel...
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Jason Brown Oct 22, 2012
You are right Ray, last week the owners put there company for sale. Moving to another industry to be more profitable. They did a great job of rebuilding the company after they purchased it from Ford Motor company.
Ray Buscombe Oct 21, 2012
Isn't Cosworth up for sale right now?
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Oct 21, 2012
Hyundai + cosworth= great partnership...well anything + cosworth is an excellent partnership
Puneet Dass Oct 20, 2012
Yeah would be keen to find out whether this is still fwd. highly unlikely
Victor Pitts Oct 20, 2012
Mmm... Cosworth-built! @Ahmed- I just think Ford left that 330 as a minimal baseline for everyone to work with. I'm sure the motor is plenty strong to handle that power, it is after all, a Cosworth 2-litre. It's about tune-ability.
Ahmed Barrasali Oct 20, 2012
I don't know why Cosworth tuned the Focus ST 2.0-liter engine to only 330 horsepower? does that mean Ford didn't approve having 400 HP or the engine was not good enough to tolerate the 400 hp?
William Downs Oct 20, 2012
More then likely it's not fwd anymore, probally swapped to awd, if not... Damn that's gonna suck
Bryan Morell Oct 20, 2012
400 HP and fwd. That torque steer would probably pull your arms off
Bryan Whitt Oct 20, 2012
400 hp and 350 torque from a 1.6 ...amazing and it looks fierce too . Who wouldn't want this over a juke r and save a few hundred thousand ?
David Munasinghe Oct 23, 2012
I meant "fat frog"
Daniel Finnegan Oct 21, 2012
It does look a bit like a toy car, but the shape proves that it would also have made a pretty good small x6 type model
David Munasinghe Oct 21, 2012
Car looks like a far frog with the body kit.
Author Norman R. Colson Oct 21, 2012
I'd drive this bad boy I don't know why the hate, it's a nice race car...
Sean Gillespie Oct 20, 2012
Looks too much like a "Hot Wheels" car to me
Fawaz Alkraidees Oct 20, 2012
Loooool@nek benz
Tobias Mersinger Oct 20, 2012
A fridge on four wheels...
Jared Oteri Oct 20, 2012
Velocity veloster..... C'mon guys after reading that you couldn't possibly think this thing would be the least bit exciting. Who's Down syndrome hick step child named this monstrosity
Nick Benz Oct 20, 2012
This looks absolutely retarded. Its like a shoe
Author Norman R. Colson Oct 20, 2012
I like the paintwork and line styles this is how it's done
Ben Doolittle Oct 20, 2012
In profile it has kinda an Audi Urban Concept thing going on.
Description: Hyundai gave the Velocity Veloster a set of 19-inch HRE P40 lightweight satin-charcoal alloys, a full body kit with brake ducts, rear diffuser and large rear wing, racing livery, Bilstein dampers, Spa...
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Puneet Dass Oct 20, 2012
A red "H" emblem. I remember the days where a red H emblem used to mean something