Comments - Unique of the Week: 1991 Maserati Shamal 3.2 Biturbo

Published: Oct 20, 2012
Description: Back in the 1980s Maserati was in trouble. Big trouble. It wasn't just the kind that be fixed with government or private loans. The trouble here was that Maserati's build quality was nearly ...
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Siya Fadane Oct 22, 2012
Think it needs more lights
Ryan Patrick Clauson Oct 21, 2012
Reminds me of an Audi coupe
Jordan Jackson Oct 20, 2012
@sebastian: oh, sorry, I just noticed that now the first "I like it" is for the car not the spoiler, lol
Nick Pietropaolo Oct 20, 2012
honestly never even heard of or seen this car before but i wish i had one.i would daily driver this beast
Sebastian Grey Oct 20, 2012
Jordan you just said you liked it and didn't like it in the same sentence. Make up your mind.
Jordan Jackson Oct 20, 2012
I like it, and I know it's functional, but I really don't like the little spoiler at the base of the wind shield
Guo-Sheng Huang Oct 20, 2012
My childhood dream car.
Description: Fiat bought Maserati back in 1993 from De Tomaso, the other half responsible for the abysmal Chrysler TC by Maserati. What Fiat quickly realized was that Maserati needed to be completely reworked, beg...
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Description: Fiat later sold its remaining shares to Ferrari in 1999 and that was when the present day Maserati began to truly take shape. Ferrari basically turned Maserati into its luxury division as well as chur...
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Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Oct 21, 2012
The wheels are nice
Reese Fenske Oct 20, 2012
wheel arch cut out with a damn hand saw
Jordan Jackson Oct 20, 2012
It's kinda like the designers were arguing over making it a covered rear wheel then compromised on it, lol
Victor A. Frederick Oct 20, 2012
I like it. It's different
Jordan Jackson Oct 20, 2012
Well, it's different...
Adam Beiersdorfer Oct 20, 2012
I must admit that's one of the most awkward fender cuts over the rear wheel...
Luke Bailey Oct 20, 2012
looked good from the front....
Chris Gaines Oct 21, 2012
first thing anyone would do before buying this car: "show me the carfax. this thing looks like its been in a 30 car pileup"
James Snowburg Oct 20, 2012
Lol phil that is so right.
Phil Johnson Oct 20, 2012
That rear fender looks like Sylvester Stallone's lip in Rocky.
Matty Michaels Oct 20, 2012
From the B-pillar forward, it looks like a 90's Volvo.
Nick Sti Oct 20, 2012
Rear fender looks of those on a Tacoma
Kevin Blockley Oct 20, 2012
Back fender just looks wrong , lol
Boyd Boudreaux Oct 20, 2012
Rear fender-well Wow!
Description: After acquiring the services of famed designer Marcello Gandini (amongst other talented people), some Maserati cars began to have more dramatic styling in the form of sharp angles and flat surfaces. F...
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Description: It was based on the Biturbo coupe's architecture and even the doors, most of the interior and bodyshell were carried over. Where Gandini's signature styling comes into play is the rear wheel...
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Colby Church Oct 21, 2012
Ha, are you kidding? My Corvette has nicer interior than this and I regularly bear people rag on the Vette's interior.
Aj White Oct 21, 2012
Nice interior though
Aj White Oct 21, 2012
That shift knob looks like the one from autozone
Jamal Ayub Oct 22, 2012
nice rear seats
Khalid Alsayed Oct 20, 2012
It got cool rear seats
Description: Production ultimately ended in 1996 with only 370 units built. This 1991 Shamal that's currently up for sale and advertised on Dutch website has just under 88,000 miles on the odo...
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Shelby Cassandra Oct 21, 2012
I find it hard to believe that anyone ever liked it enough to buy it in the first place.
Jason Smith Oct 20, 2012
I'll bet it doesn't handle like a Countach...