Posted on: Oct 20, 2012
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Track Fighter Mustang Ready for SEMA

Wrapped in WWII Mustang-inspired graphics and loaded with special features, the Track Fighter Mustang is ready for its SEMA debut.
Pictographics has prepared this Track Fighter Mustang for the upcoming SEMA show, with the wild paint scheme inspired (appropriately enough) by a WWII0era P-51 Mustang fighter plane - specifically Major Edwin W. Hiro's P-51-D airplane, nicknamed the "Horses Itch". As well as the awesome paintjob, the 2013 Mustang will feature an array of upgrades including Doug Thorley Headers, and digitally-dyed suede Recaro seat inserts with Track Fighter step and repeat pattern.

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Other noteworthy features include a coilover suspension, Eibach springs, forged alloys, a Boss front splitter and helmets with built-in communication gear. After being showcased at SEMA, Avery Dennision will have the Mustang unwrapped before rewrapping it with a new design and adding new products.

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by Adam Lynton
Track Fighter Mustang Ready for SEMA
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