Comments - Leno Drives Toyota's Very First Car

Published: Oct 20, 2012
Description: The Toyota museum in Nagoya, Japan, was an obvious tourist attraction for the Jay Leno Denim Chin to check out on his recent trip to Japan, and while there the Denim Chin had the good fortune of drivi...
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Description: The only AA in existence was discovered in the Russian town of Vladivostok and had been owned by a Siberian farmer since World War II. The museum acquired the Toyota from the original owner's gra...
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Austin Goodman Oct 24, 2012
Tires look like bicycle tires. Must get great traction.
Morgan Marcella Oct 20, 2012
I wish I had this car
Augie Schroer Oct 20, 2012
That's probably the coolest Toyota there is
William Forgham Oct 20, 2012
And that's why we read the article, dumbass. It clearly says why.
Justin Tan Oct 20, 2012
It says Toyoda on the logo
Description: Produced from 1936 to 1943, the AA came with a 3.3-liter six-cylinder engine producing 62 horsepower. The design was inspired by the Chrysler Airflow and approximately 1,400 examples were built. This ...
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Nick Benz Oct 20, 2012
I wouldnt say that hyundai had much of a heritage
Tyler Ray DeFord Oct 20, 2012
Inspired by the Chrysler airflow. That's a nice way of putting it.
Aaron Crisp Oct 20, 2012
I think every automaker does.
Nick Benz Oct 20, 2012
I hate that people think toyota is just a new mass producer of plastic cars when really it has a great amount of history and heritage.
Joshua Grant Robinson Oct 20, 2012
What a beautiful car!! I love Toyota's.