Comments - Twin Turbo Gallardo Battles AMS GT-R

Published: Oct 02, 2012
Description: Two of the most powerful street-legal cars on the planet recently went head-to-head on the highways of Russia. Filled with racing fuel and set to maximum boost, heavily-modified versions of the Nissan...
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Julian Pilinci Oct 02, 2012
Carbuzz, thanks for not announcing the winner...lets watch the epic race!
Description: The upgraded Lambo cranks out 1,500 horsepower at the wheels and is utilizing the same Hoosier A6 wheels on which it set the Moscow Unlimited Drag Times record of 251 mph. Flanked by a pair of 1,000 h...
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Timothy Hooker Oct 05, 2012
Godzilla....please visit me. I will have one someday...please give me a raise mcdonalds
Bernard Green Oct 03, 2012
It seemed like the Lamborghini is faster, but the GTR catches him because of dual clutch.
Michael J Solimene Oct 03, 2012
Manual > paddle shifters Gallardo > gt-r
Andy Nongbu Demar Cho Oct 03, 2012
@Dillon Agreed...
Alex Medvedev Oct 03, 2012
Driven on that highway before lol fun times great footage thanks for post buzz good stuff
Zeus Mocha Oct 03, 2012
AMS 12 = Godzilla's beast mode
Adam Page Oct 03, 2012
@Brady, don't understand what you're asking. I said I do not like Japanese cars but I just can't help liking the GTR.
Tim Preisinger Oct 03, 2012
Brilliant idea to do this on a public road.
Tyler Tarbox Oct 03, 2012
Gallardo could lose every time and I'd still rather have it than a GT-R
Zaire Wilkins Oct 02, 2012
damn GTR has the most haters as usual
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Oct 02, 2012
I would love to see a 1500hp 911 turbo join these guys. That would be amazing
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Oct 02, 2012
I was surprised to see the GTR take it but that was still the best drag race ever. THANK YOU CAR BUZZ. And the Russians!
Brady Fereday Oct 02, 2012
Ok Adam now 4 Japanese cars you hate the most or is it just one kind of Japanese car you hate just wandering?
Adam Page Oct 02, 2012
lambo is sexier. I hate Japanese cars but the GTR is an exception.
Sean Gillespie Oct 02, 2012
I'll take one of both :)
Brandon Carr Oct 02, 2012
I think the lambo did ok. Considering that the driver couldn't catch fourth half the time...
Dillon Dixon Oct 02, 2012
As much as I love these cars and seeing them race, they are truly dumbasses for doing all this on a highway. Someone is going to be killed from this. If they are so rich, they should make themselves a private drag way.
Carlton Salmon Oct 02, 2012
Carlton, I've been using my iPhone 4 to watch all clips on this app with no problem at all. Are you running the latest OS software?
William Downs Oct 02, 2012
Ignore hovie.. He just runs his mouth about what he knows nothing about, just hard core trolling
Mack Katzel Oct 02, 2012
The gtr is way faster but I still find myself wanting the UGR gallardo more.
Braxton Omgbased Booker Oct 02, 2012
@justin i cant agree with that one because when the GTR first came out nissan said it wouldn't be tunable, they never intended on it being tuned
Justin Mancuso Oct 02, 2012
GTR sucks.Its a jap so it's waaaay easier to tune,what do you expect?
Dillon Magee Oct 02, 2012
How are ur lambos shit? They're amazing prices of engineering.
Thibault Leroy Oct 02, 2012
I have an old ipod touch and it works. And out of those two i would get the gallardo
Zaire Wilkins Oct 02, 2012
i wasnt suprised
Isaac Rezkalla Oct 02, 2012
My 5 works great and my Mac also works maybe you need an update
Kevin Blockley Oct 02, 2012
My apple 4s works just fine , even my old skool iPhone 2g (3.2 firmware) played this clip. Love Gtrs for this very reason!! Any Porsche , Lamborghini , Audi R8 driver would think twice on taking on a Gtr @ a traffic light . A stock one too!! Lol
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Oct 02, 2012
That just made my day.
MissLaura Anne Oct 02, 2012
What's that? GTR beats Lambo?! Hell yeah!!!!
Michael Beach Oct 02, 2012
Carlton- your apple products are broken bc my 4s plays every video just fine
Aaron Crisp Oct 02, 2012
Russian needs to get the Agera R and try out it's true top speed.
Aaron Crisp Oct 02, 2012
"Ford Focus: 114 BHP" Lmao!
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Oct 02, 2012
Carbuzz youre killin me with these flash player videos. Dont you know NO apple products support that
Brady Fereday Oct 02, 2012
That vette was doing good until the GTR and Lamborghini got into 4
Paul Dickey Oct 02, 2012
What a line up of cars.
Otabek Odilov Oct 03, 2012
I think it's the best car all of the times ! ;-)
Dillon Dixon Oct 02, 2012
@carlton Considering it has twice as much horsepower, it better.
Carlton Salmon Oct 02, 2012
Bloody hell that GT-R can shift. Watch how it leaves the Hennessey Corvette ZR1 in its dust in a rolling start - and that car ain't no slouch! Very impressive - but highly dangerous stuff.
Description: The GT-R AMS Alpha 12+ reached a ridiculous 224 mph, and while slowing down, still passed at over 200 mph. After a few minutes of downtime, the Russian racers were back on the road and hitting the sam...
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Dale Fredriks Oct 03, 2012
I wish my corolla could go 0-60 in 6.8.
Michael Davidson Oct 03, 2012
Haha I was thinking the same thing. "Why so slow" haha. I wish my car could go from 50 to 100 in 6.8 seconds.
Sagar Kumar Oct 03, 2012
nice place for all beast!;)
Dillon Dixon Oct 02, 2012
Hell yeah! Hoosier FTW!
Tara Fitria Oct 02, 2012
Super sticky rubber, I'm always a fan of the white lettering on the sidewall.
Isaac Rezkalla Oct 02, 2012
Better Lambo there