Comments - Toyota Sets New EV Lap Record at the Ring

Published: Oct 02, 2012
Description: Back in August, Toyota Motorsport GmbH hit the Nurburgring with an electric LMP called the EV P001. There it set a lap record for electric vehicles that trounced the previous time of 9:01:33 (set by P...
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Hektor Yberg Oct 03, 2012
Sorry it was 2 zeros not "o" but it still looks the same so it's the same shit! Hahahaahahaha bad joke
Hektor Yberg Oct 03, 2012
poo-2 isn't a good name for a sportscar, is it?
Charlie D'Amato Oct 02, 2012
Probably the 1st hybrid that looks pretty clean under the "hood" and not like a washing machine.
Description: With the famous hillclimb event now behind it, however, Toyota Motorsport GmbH has taken the new EV P002 to the Nurburgring and beat its own record by a further 25 seconds. The prototype is powered by...
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Ethan Amo Oct 02, 2012
Only further proving how toyota has gone from making ordinary cars to making extraordinary cars
Daniel Eads Oct 02, 2012
Adam, um why? Plus I'm pretty sure the lfa has a few records somewhere.
Adam Page Oct 02, 2012
I'm hoping another car company beats this soon. We can't have a Toyota holding any speed records.
Matt Piccolo Oct 02, 2012
Wow, I was not expecting that
Carlton Salmon Oct 02, 2012
Jeez that was impressive!
William Downs Oct 02, 2012
Well damn props to Toyota
Description: Capable of reaching speeds up to 240 km/h (149 mph), the TMG EV P002 set a new lap record of 7:22:33, securing its place as the undeniably fastest electric vehicle ever to run the infamous 20-kilo...
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Mario Callirgos Oct 03, 2012
I live an America so the Nurburing really shouldnt be a real big factor, that said vette and GTR fans are fighting for second as long as the ACR in the bang for buck segment and around 10th overall. Pretty pathetic if you ask me!
Justin Routh Oct 02, 2012
@nawaff i was being sarcastic lol. Dont start gtr corvette shit especially calling it plastic lol
Aaron Crisp Oct 02, 2012
Actually don't Ford and Toyota work together on hybrid/electric vehicles? I know they were helping with the Eco friendly F150.
Chris Tweedie Oct 02, 2012
Toyota should put this into production for road/track use for the public just like fords new ecoboost racer thingy
Aaron Crisp Oct 02, 2012
Nawwaf this is not the time nor the place to preach about the GTR. Wait for a GTR article to come up or something.
Tara Fitria Oct 02, 2012
Nick it's provocative, it gets the people going!
Nick Schnee Oct 02, 2012
... so you just have to bring up the Nurburgring up now to start a Corvette vs. GT-R vs. rest of the world argument? This place gets sicker and sicker.
Tara Fitria Oct 02, 2012
I saw an article about that 7:21 time by the gtr, I didn't think it was an official attempt tho, or if it was able to be verified.
Matt Piccolo Oct 02, 2012
No, I know I defend the gtr, but why would I be defending it right now?
Tim Preisinger Oct 02, 2012
Matt, because you will defend anything from Japan to the death! Not saying anything is wrong with defending what you like. I'll defend American cars on a pretty regular basis
Matt Piccolo Oct 02, 2012
@ brad, why would I defend the gtr?
Brad Hickey Oct 02, 2012
Damn, first time that I've seen matt not furiously defend the gtr!
Matt Piccolo Oct 02, 2012
The 2012 gtr ran 8:21 in semi wet conditions.. Not trying to start an argument but just saying
John Jenkins Oct 02, 2012
and how much does your precious ferrari cost? invalid point
Justin Routh Oct 02, 2012
@Nawwaf the 599XX is faster than the GTR
Tim Preisinger Oct 02, 2012
Oh for gods sake nawwaf. You really had to go there. I love the Vette and at the risk of WWIII breaking out, I'm going to totally ignore that comment and hope others do the same.
Bull Dogone Oct 02, 2012
As long as this speedy technology makes the crossover to Lexus, I'm all for it!
Kyle Rawn Oct 02, 2012
Yeah Toyota! Would've been faster if it could have done that two mile straightaway faster than 140 something.
Michael Davidson Oct 02, 2012
Please do not start a corvette vs GTR argument.
Sam Biggin Oct 02, 2012
6:48 is the production lap record
Carlton Salmon Oct 02, 2012
Exactly what I thought when I first saw it.
Justin Mancuso Oct 02, 2012
Lol exactly like a radical in fact
Jackson Michael Oct 02, 2012
Looks like a radical. That's a good thing.
Jörgen Nilsson Oct 02, 2012
Toyota Motorsport GMBH, a german Toyota-owned subsidiary, the same as was running Toyota F1, as stated earlier in the article...
Bull Dogone Oct 02, 2012
I hate to point out the obvious here but if this is a Toyota, everyone in the photo looks German?
Justin Mancuso Oct 02, 2012
It's nothing compared to a big v12,but if this was being forced upon us,I guess I wouldn't mind.
Bull Dogone Oct 02, 2012
That's progress. Clean, powerful, fuel efficient acceleration. Just don't waste it on the Prius.