Comments - New Smart Spotted Testing

Published: Oct 02, 2012
Description: Smart is preparing the next-generation lineup of fuel-efficient city cars for launch in 2014/15, and our intrepid spy photographers have caught a prototype undergoing rigorous testing. Looking lik...
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Gavin Fricking Dutfield Oct 12, 2012
That's a Renault twingo the wheelbase is just too long for a smart car lol
Jordan Jackson Oct 02, 2012
No that's what the camo is meant to look like along with some iQ in there
Anthony Mangini Oct 02, 2012
This is a Twingo !!?
Tyson Broadbent Oct 03, 2012
Funny how it even has a spot for a Renault badge.
Description: The Daimler brand's platform on which the new Smart model is based is also likely to serve as the basis for a Renault version (potentially the new Twingo) and possibly a Nissan model, all thanks ...
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Prince Huang Oct 02, 2012
Looks like a rebadged last-generation twingo.
Doruk Yaman Oct 28, 2012
Yes this is twingo not smart
Jon Ashley Oct 02, 2012
I just want a twingo for the U.S. Whatever is going on here.
Tim Simon Kramer Oct 02, 2012
The long wheelbase remains though. Or could that be 'fake' as well?
Harrison Trapnell Oct 02, 2012
Aha! I just noticed a small break in the bodywork, right where the back of the old test mule was. That rear end is all fake.
Harrison Trapnell Oct 02, 2012
Yes it is. And it is longer then the other test mule spotted a while back.
Nick Schnee Oct 02, 2012
Is it just me or is it really twice as long as the old ForTwo?