Comments - Ferrari Developing New Engines for Alfa Romeo

Published: Oct 02, 2012
Description: When you've got an outfit as technologically advanced as Ferrari at your disposal, you don't let it keep its talents all to itself. That's why Ferrari developed the V8 used in all curre...
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Sebastian Grey Oct 03, 2012
Benjamin, I love you.
Benjamin McCormick Oct 03, 2012
@Wyatt...Is that playful ignorance of the information on the page directly above where you left your comment? Or are you so eager to say something, anything, that you simply described your brain processes when confronted by such information?
Wyatt Gordon Oct 02, 2012
The 8C had a Maserati V8, not a fezza V8. but then, all of Maser's engines are built by Ferrari, so I guess same thing
Ivan Ryzhov Oct 03, 2012
No Luke you are not. This thing looks like an abomination to Alfa
Luke Purdy Oct 03, 2012
am I the only person who finds this car ugly?
Author Norman R. Colson Oct 02, 2012
Arc reactor headlights?
Jayme Gorham Oct 02, 2012
I freaking love this car!!! and rims are just awesome!!
Description: Even a couple of Lancias (like the Stratos and the Thema 8.32) featured Ferrari engines. The next generation of Alfa Romeo and Maserati models, however, could take that to the next level. The Prancing...
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Description: While the MiTo, Giulietta and upcoming 4C will likely continue with their four-cylinder engines developed by Fiat Powertrain Technology, the Giulia sedan that's slated to replace the 159 could be...
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Grant Paquin Oct 02, 2012
Weird - I saw an 8c a couple months ago in Boston
Tyler Tarbox Oct 03, 2012
Definitely in the same class as an R8. Cost wise anyways
Julian Pilinci Oct 02, 2012
This is definitely not in the same class with R8. A week ago I got into my buddy's Grandturismo S and I have to say that it was unbelievable!
Dillon Magee Oct 02, 2012
Idk if this and an R8 are in the same class, but this is great looking.
Nick Schnee Oct 02, 2012
Agreed. It's my fav from it's class, I'd take it over the R8 and the like any day.
Carlton Salmon Oct 02, 2012
Looks perfect in this pic.
Colby Church Oct 02, 2012
Love this car. Looks amazing in Burgundy with black wheels.
Nick Benz Oct 03, 2012
But this looks soooo much better than the enzo
Erik Rudolph Oct 03, 2012
It's a rebadged Enzo with a little different shape
Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Oct 02, 2012
Looks like the Maclaren F1 has some cousin of some sort... Lovely car.
Pompey Paul Oct 03, 2012
Brandon and nick, I totally agree, this is my favourite car, but those rims spoil it
Ryan William Sprenkle Oct 03, 2012
There is literally no Alfa I like. I think they're all hideous. I don't get the appeal at all.
alvincar Oct 03, 2012
if is japanese brand everyone will said .....ugly ,like shit!!!!
Nick Ricci Oct 03, 2012
@Wyatt Though I'd call that a bit of an overstatement, it is a beautiful car. Little bit of an Aston look to it.
Clay Williams Oct 02, 2012
Thank you Wyatt. I agree it is literally the best looking car ever made seance the dawn of time.
Wyatt Gordon Oct 02, 2012
@William, you must like ricer civics mate. This car, is absolutely, incredibly, astonishingly beautiful. best looking car in the world, no argument is valid. it's just so elegant, and well, beautiful.
Shelby Cassandra Oct 02, 2012
It's nice but I don't like the triangle on all of their cars.
Clay Williams Oct 02, 2012
This car is unutterably gorgeous.
Christian De Prisco Oct 03, 2012
I was just thinking of this when I read the article headline, I remember being a kid and see one of this in yellow, had a spoiler coming out of the boot when reaching certain speed....amazing