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Published: Oct 02, 2012
Description: When it comes to drifting, V6 engines usually rule the roost. That is all starting to change, as evidenced by all of these clips starring V8 drift cars. The Mustangs and Mercedes featured here may hav...
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Phil Johnson Oct 03, 2012
Modern LS V8's require just as much tuning as smaller turbo motors. And when were V6's the motor of choice in drifting?? 4 cylinders has always been the predominate motor for grassroots. That or straight sixes...
Jon White Oct 02, 2012
No Gittin Jr?????!?!?!? Dafuq?
Oscar Vaca Oct 02, 2012
like I've mentioned before, V8's are here to stay. Most cars in the Formula Drift racing scene have Chevy V8's in them. They are cheap, quick, and reliable power. When you have a V8 at your disposal, there is no need to tinker with turbo tuning and the like. It's all mechanical tuning.
Description: Tanner Foust tears up Mulholland Drive in a V8 Scion in this clip. Feel free to live vicariously through Foust while watching this clip.
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Jon White Nov 04, 2012
It's a damn NASCAR Toyota motor..
Edwin Keyon Pitt Jr. Oct 02, 2012
This Video is Bad Azz
Shelby Cassandra Oct 02, 2012
@ Colby. Because it is a Toyota. They don't like V8s over there in Japan.
Colby Church Oct 02, 2012
Why don't they make a production version with a V8? Then I might care a little more for scion.
Jared Oteri Oct 02, 2012
Man that guy can drive
Description: The Toyota GT-86 in this video isn't a normal GT-86. This sports coupe features a wider body to accommodate its beastly Lexus-sourced 5.0-liter V8. The 416hp beast was created for Japanese pro dr...
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Description: Mercedes AMG celebrated 2 million YouTube views by drifting a C 63 AMG Coupe around the famed Laguna Seca Corkscrew. This video is one best enjoyed with your eyes closed and your ears opened.
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Description: Junior Strouss more or less lives the dream had by everyone who has ever rented a muscle car. Strouss took his rented V8 Camaro to Death Valley for a little dirty drifting. Not shown: the full detaili...
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Khalid Alsayed Oct 03, 2012
Im wandering about where is he going in the end!!!!!!
Description: Italian drifter Riccardo Errani throws a 4.8-liter V8 ford around the track in this video. Errani's drifting skills as a pro drifter come into question around the 47 second mark.
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Ross Taylor Oct 03, 2012
4.8L ? Don't you mean 4.6L? I haven't watched the video yet but I've never heard of a 4.8L in a Mustang...It looks like its a 3V 4.6L 'Stang to me...
Shelby Cassandra Oct 02, 2012
I wish that I could afford new tires every day so I could do that in my Mustang.