Comments - Suzuki Presents Swift Sport Concept in Sydney

Published: Oct 19, 2012
Description: Suzuki is showcasing its full range at the Australian International Motor Show this year, but its headline act is the one-off Suzuki Swift Sport concept seen here. Presented by Suzuki's chief eng...
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divi Jan 14, 2013
Would it ever come to india .
Tom Lipscombe Oct 21, 2012
I love the swift sport but this just looks like someone's added their own awful aftermarket body kit to it
Andrew Palmer Oct 19, 2012
Ever gonna come to US? Suzuki NA 's gonna be dead and gone before they bring it back...would be a boon to the company, with sx4 going all crossover, there's a spot for it's to hoping!
Morgan Marcella Oct 20, 2012
Best looking car made by Suzuki
Ahklil Sadiqi Oct 19, 2012
Damn that looks nice!
Owen Tiernan Oct 19, 2012
Right... because when it hits production it will definitely have those Recaro's :P