Comments - Porsche Announces Platinum Edition Panamera

Published: Oct 19, 2012
Description: The sportscar-maker from Stuttgart has released a Platinum Edition for the Panamera, Panamera 4 and Diesel models, distinguished by a platinum-tone metal trim on the side-view mirrors, grille, side ai...
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Sam Sexton Oct 19, 2012
you'd think that the "platinum" edition would be top-spec, not standard with partial leather interior
Jordan Jackson Oct 19, 2012
They're really pushing the panamera lately
Stezza Diaz Libradilla Oct 19, 2012
♥ the color sleek and sexy :)
Description: A part-leather interior package comes as standard, with the full-leather offered as an option, and can be specified in a new black and beige two-tone color combination. The cabin includes a sport desi...
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Nathan Lo Oct 19, 2012
Love absolutely everything except the back...absolutely hideous my eyesssssss!
Sebastian Farrer Oct 19, 2012
I do love the Panamera, very sleek lovely interior and great size for the type of car that it is, but it really is pig ugly at the back !
Paul Pickard Oct 20, 2012
I'd have to agree. Something about this car just doesn't look right. From the c-pilar to the back window.
Nathan Lo Oct 19, 2012
I'm looking at the front of the car...and then I slide left and it gives me a shudder at how ugly it is in the back. If only they could fix te back portion it'd be a fantastic car really
Ian Ragsdale Oct 19, 2012
What a rude comment. I'm sure you thought it was funny, but it contributed nothing of value to the discussion. I think the trunk lines could have been a little more attractive but it would sacrifice practicality like in the Rapide.
Alex O'Brian Oct 19, 2012
First car in the world with down syndrom
Matthew Mazzarelli Oct 19, 2012
Needs new wheels for sure.
John Serely Oct 19, 2012
I think this is a gorgeous car. I think it looks much better than the s class or the 7 series and certainly the a8. The jag looks great too, though
Jordan Jackson Oct 19, 2012
Personally, I think this needs the body kits and wing/spoiler to make it look complete, and this is one of if not the only car I feel that way about
Carlton Salmon Oct 19, 2012
Compared to other cars in its class from Aston Martin, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz and Maserati - it just doesn't look as harmonious and cohesive in its design as any of the afore mentioned.
Ryan Rainville Oct 19, 2012
I don't get why so many people think this car is so ugly it's fast and I think it looks good
Ryan Spencer Oct 19, 2012
I do love this interior.