Comments - Jeep Launches Grand Cherokee S-Limited in the UK

Published: Oct 19, 2012
Description: While the SRT8 variant of the Grand Cherokee certainly looks the part, not everyone favors the 6.4-liter Hemi V8, especially across the pond where filling such a sizeable a tank with gas would cost as...
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Aaron Crisp Oct 20, 2012
I would guess 350 ft/ib torque
Adam Beiersdorfer Oct 20, 2012
It's a diesel... I'm sure it has plenty of torque to warrant the dual look
Chris O'Brien Oct 20, 2012
don't need dual exhaust for 237 HP ;-)
Bill Corwin Oct 20, 2012
SRT8 has the great exhaust system. Pipes out the center of the back bumper. This car does not. It is a shame they missed such a performance look.
Morgan Marcella Oct 20, 2012
If I had the money I would rather buy a Ford Raptor
Patrick Schalk Oct 20, 2012
This looks awesome. I'd buy it
Max Ignatyev Oct 19, 2012
nahhh, this ain't a jeep
Boyd Boudreaux Oct 19, 2012
I have not one complaint drives rides and handles beautifully and tows my boat. Can't get my wife out of it, I would have loved the diesel tho
Aaron Kodra Oct 19, 2012
It was faked, they over loaded the vehicle with weight so it would fail, Chrysler engineers brought some back to them with their supervision and they were not able to replicate it
Nick Smith Oct 19, 2012
It only "failed" that test for one group, i believe two other groups that tested it didn't have that problem.
Jordan Jackson Oct 19, 2012
They fixed that problem a few months ago I thought
Marcin Bednarski Oct 19, 2012
Looks nice but moose test failed.
Description: Highlights of the exterior package include a black grille with chrome mesh insert, smoked headlamps, a black rear light bar and 20-inch gloss-black alloys. Inside, the S-Limited boasts a leather-wrapp...
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Ducati Manning Oct 20, 2012
I believe that may be an optional choice
Alex Renaud Oct 19, 2012
The wheels appear to have a matte finish, not a gloss one (see image on previous page).
Description: "Styled and targeted to the important sports-line SUV sub-segment and with a high level of equipment on offer, the S-Limited is very attractively priced and positioned," says Jeep's UK ...
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Alex O'Brian Oct 19, 2012
I will take two please
Alex O'Brian Oct 19, 2012
Better than the white one
Nate Perry Oct 20, 2012
the only thing thats worth anything is the hemi screw the jeep i want the motor