Comments - Chris Harris Pits RS3 Against M135i

Published: Oct 19, 2012
Description: There's around a £10,000 difference between the RS3 and M135i in basic spec, with Audi's premium three-door hot-hatch priced a smidgen under £40k in the UK and BMW's sub-M car...
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Richard Stern Oct 20, 2012
Brilliant video and been watching the M135i closely. Shame it's not in the Coupe or maybe??? Can't wait for a 3 yr old one for around £15k ha ha.
Description: That's not to say the RS3 is a bad car. Clearly it has plenty to offer in terms of style and performance, but as with all Chris Harris comparison tests, it all comes down to how the car drives. A...
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Ryan Patrick Clauson Oct 23, 2012
Rs3 is a solid car, it is an example of traditional Quattro technology, an in my oppinion, awesome. The new 1 series is sooo goofy looking, and the previous body styles were awesome looking. Wish they would've kept that styling
Redge Diakité Oct 20, 2012
For THE engine of course :)
Redge Diakité Oct 20, 2012
Well it's a difficult choice because the RS3 has THE best engine without a doubt and I think THE BMW has the best handling but I will go with the RS3 :)
Dihan Peiris Oct 20, 2012
M power! Yeah baby
Ryan Spencer Oct 19, 2012
I'm sorry, but that BMW is hideous.
Matt Piccolo Oct 19, 2012
I'd take the Audi without question
Das Stig Oct 19, 2012
ya, no one is. very disappointing.
Tino Domingue Oct 19, 2012
MB A45amg... I could care less bout BMW n Audi... Although, the A45 isn't coming to the states :( any body know if the BMW and/or Audi will bring their hot hatch to the state... It's to my understanding that no one is bring their A game
Edgar Jauregui Oct 19, 2012
I am seriously looking at the M135i as my first new car and this video only makes me feel better avout my choice :)
No Pistons Oct 19, 2012
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No Pistons Oct 19, 2012
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Serge Pankratov Oct 19, 2012
Thats my opinion, and Audi will be more practical for driving in Washington where it rains about 280 days out of the year :)
Serge Pankratov Oct 19, 2012
I love Bimmers and Audis quite a bit, but the results were not so shocking to me as it is usual for BMW to outperform its Audi competitor. In this case Id probably take the Audi though since Audi looks tons better than the hideous BMW inside and out.
Das Stig Oct 19, 2012
so* bad. I don't knkw how voodoo came out of that.
Das Stig Oct 19, 2012
I wish they had these in america voodoo bad. I'm jealous you have one.
Dylan Bruder Oct 19, 2012
Neither for me and I still think bmws new 1 is one of the ugliest cars out
Justin Barter Oct 19, 2012
I bought the M135i last week Thursday after driving both cars. I'm most DEFINATELY not a BMW fanboy as I still own an Audi Q5 and traded my A3 cabriolet in for the M135i...but despite how fast the RS3 was, it just really wasn't exciting; the BMW was more fun, sounded better and felt like a NEW car. The Audi feels dated sad to say :/
Yasser Zahabi Oct 19, 2012
Oh Audi..*gasp* ..they have become really Uninteresting in the past few years(excluding a5,7and r8) .. To me BMW is like a hot skirt and an Audi like a painter's overalls .. and this more expensive business is true.. :)
Rohil Chauhan Oct 19, 2012
I sense a titanic argument in the comments box.
Matt Piccolo Oct 19, 2012
I agree, I really like these
Morgan Marcella Oct 19, 2012
@Nick me too, it's cool
Yaseen Essack Jul 20, 2013
gunter Oct 20, 2012
looks better than an audi R8 !!!
Matt Piccolo Oct 19, 2012
I've seen one in person and I still wast impressed with the looks, the headlights are about 5x too big
Andy Nongbu Demar Cho Oct 19, 2012
This is looking GOOD!
Devin Babyn Oct 19, 2012
It's...... pretty damn ugly
Edgar Jauregui Oct 19, 2012
I think it looks great, and I bet it drives even better.
Miguel Jimenez Oct 19, 2012
Am I the only one that thinks this looks like a rat?
Das Stig Oct 19, 2012
I definitely will. sorry I was clear but its a z3 m coupe. still love the 1 m's though. I'm excited for the race though.
Justin Barter Oct 19, 2012
The 1M Coupe is an amazing car too dude - I would have loved one but the wife is not so keen on a 2 door :P I got a race lined up with one soon; and a Golf R and Supercharged Lumina SS Ute. Will hopefully get a vid on YouTube soon. Check back on my youtube user 'retrab' in a week or so :)
Das Stig Oct 19, 2012
same Justin. I drive an m coupe and pictures just don't do it justice. it's something about BMW hatches that just won't let you take a picture of them.
Justin Barter Oct 19, 2012
This pic (and so many others don't do the car justice) it's hard to appreciate in photos - I only started to feel better about the front lights after I picked mine up; thought the same as most from seeing it online
Yasser Zahabi Oct 19, 2012
I think it looks fine .. Way better than the old one and the interior a lot more welcoming ..
JB Kolod Oct 19, 2012
This car looks like a bulldog with Down syndrome
ojdj Oct 30, 2012
@phil vw look at audi audi is made by vw
Phil Johnson Oct 20, 2012
Almost looks like a VW from the back.
Brendan Bell Oct 19, 2012
I like those tail lights....