Comments - 5 NBA-Approved Auto Ads

Published: Oct 19, 2012
Description: Pro basketball players really have it good. They get paid millions of dollars to play in a professional sport that involves virtually no contact. (The NBA of the 80s is long gone.) What's more, i...
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Pablo Herasme Oct 19, 2012
One person ... Metta Worldpeace...
Miguel Jimenez Oct 19, 2012
I know he's retired but try guarding Shaq in the post and tell me there's no contact, hell even try guarding Kobe in the post.
Chris Penza Oct 19, 2012
Virtually no contact: unless dwayne wade is defending you
Tyler Tarbox Oct 19, 2012
Basketball is definitely a contact sport. Maybe not on every play but most of the time it is
Jack Howard Oct 19, 2012
Hahaha yes basketball is not a rough sport. Try football, wrestling, and water polo.
MissLaura Anne Oct 19, 2012
Well this article was misleading
Jackson Michael Oct 19, 2012
I agree, there's literally contact on every play. Carbuzz, try watching KG for 2 minutes and tell me there's no contact.
Jordan Henry Oct 19, 2012
Virtually no contact!?! Has any one at car buzz ever played basketball before!? I mean its not like full contact in football but there is way more than you guys are giving it credit for.
Description: Phil Jackson stars in this semi-humorous ad for the Audi A8. The "funny" thing about this ad is supposed to be the fact that the chef didn't recognize the world-famous coach, but what&a...
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Miguel Jimenez Oct 19, 2012
@Stephen I don't think anyone can.
Stephen Cobbs Oct 19, 2012
Haha his brain cannot even comprehend the egos Phil Jackson has gone thru.
Ryan Veitch Oct 19, 2012
Phil Jackson? Never heardof him!!
Description: Toyota Canada took a big swing and a miss with this ad starring Steve Nash. Nash driving a Prius seems logical, but why would he be fighting an old lady for a spot in a parking lot devoid of cars?
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Author Norman R. Colson Oct 20, 2012
Steve nash is awesome...
Ray Moreno Oct 19, 2012
That ad was actually pretty good. The showboating at the end was what sealed the deal.
Stephen Cobbs Oct 19, 2012
@Mauricio ...oh really
Mauricio Damian Herrera Oct 19, 2012
Haha it's funny because the parking lot is completely empty
Michael Dunn Oct 19, 2012
Haha that's funny
Description: Who would've thought that Shaq and Buick would make such a great team? This commercial has it all: humor, Shaq and potshots at ugly and cramped hybrids (cough, Toyota Prius, cough).
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Author Norman R. Colson Oct 20, 2012
When I saw this commercial I was surprised he fit in there! Lol
Chris Penza Oct 19, 2012
No matter how hard you try, it's impossible to hate shaw
Aaron Crisp Oct 19, 2012
Look how high up his knees are
John Jenkins Oct 19, 2012
look how far past the window he's leaned back haha
Jordan Jackson Oct 19, 2012
Haha* I really hate auto correct sometimes....
Jordan Jackson Oct 19, 2012
Gaga, I'd like to see how, I love how they happen to cut that part out of the commercial, those cars aren't that big either so I'm sure it would be funny to watch
Julian Pilinci Oct 19, 2012
How can he fit in there?!
Description: You've got to wonder if Kobe Bryant feels just the slightest bit embarrassed that he shot a Chinese commercial for the Smart Fortwo. Then again, it's hard to feel embarrassed by a cheesy com...
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Brian Ball Oct 20, 2012
Now you know Kobe would NEVER approve for that commercial to be shown in the states!
Pablo Herasme Oct 19, 2012
I died when he threw the ball at him
Zeke Alanis Oct 19, 2012
Arron you couldn't have said it any better
Aaron Crisp Oct 19, 2012
That was SO CHEESY! Haha
Description: Nobody knows whether Jeremy Lin will be able to make Volvo relevant in China. Getting past the Chinese marketing monster that is Kobe Bryant may be too tough a task.
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Aaron Crisp Oct 19, 2012
Lol you are not B-sian you are A-sian!
Saqar Khudairy Oct 19, 2012
Wrong. He is trying to live to the expectation of his high expectation Asian father
Mike Bakhsheshi Oct 22, 2012
Unique Autosports hooked it up for him
Pablo Herasme Oct 19, 2012
Atleast he knows how to customize.
Serge Pankratov Oct 19, 2012
The F430, 360 Modena or the 550 Maranello are probably the only 3 Ferraris I would actually own. They just so classy :) most other Ferraris are too track oriented or too expensive
Stephen Cobbs Oct 19, 2012
Thats is how its done
Adam Mitchel Oct 19, 2012
Great color combo
Jacob Mullner Oct 19, 2012
I think he has his "L23" logo on the center caps. Nice
Jake Marra Oct 19, 2012
Ur exactly right the rims are big but not too flashy very tastefully done
Carlton Salmon Oct 19, 2012
Great colour coordination - tastefully done.