Comments - 2014 Chevy SS Could Pack ZL1's V8

Published: Oct 19, 2012
Description: Formerly known as the Pontiac G8, it's been confirmed for a while now that General Motors will in fact be bringing back to the US the Holden-developed Zeta platform (whose platform also underpins...
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Dennis Mantia Apr 27, 2013
The GTO flopped, the g8 flopped why the hell do they think this wont flop. The Aussie cars do not sell well in the states wake up gm!
David Hicks Oct 20, 2012
Nice population, brah.
Patrick Schalk Oct 20, 2012
I laughed too. Funny how everyone calls us fat but who dominated the olympics?
Tim Puckett Oct 19, 2012
I know it was a joke from me too I thought his comment was pretty funny I just wanted to start some stuff needed a good laugh haha
David Justice Oct 19, 2012
Some people can't take a joke.
Alvaro Perez Oct 19, 2012
It funny how this went from cars to a fight with an American with and an Australian
David Justice Oct 19, 2012
Geez Tim, I'm embarrassed to have the same app as you. Chill man, chill.
Miguel Jimenez Oct 19, 2012
Fighting racism with racism, CLASSIC!
Devin Babyn Oct 19, 2012
You may get banned for that
Tim Puckett Oct 19, 2012
@ahmed shut up towel head.. Ya I went there and by the way that "fat man from kentucky" makes the zr1 one of te best performing cars 100k can get u so stop quoting top gear and actually learn about cars dumbass
Ahmed Barrasali Oct 19, 2012
Give it to the Australians, don't let the fat man from Kentucky touch it !
Miguel Jimenez Oct 19, 2012
v God bless you!
Brian Johnston Oct 19, 2012
Give us a new Chevelle.
Alex Medvedev Oct 20, 2012
Looks like import
Andrew Palmer Oct 19, 2012
Yeah, the wing's gotta go.
Morgan Marcella Oct 19, 2012
Maybe it's a sports saloon. Or just s**t
Shelby Cassandra Oct 19, 2012
My sister was going to buy a used G8 GT but it was like 4k less than it was as a new car. Such a rip off.
Patrick Joseph Oct 19, 2012
The civic suddenly doesn't look so boring
Justin Brest Oct 19, 2012
the back was borring on the G8 as well. if they put a spoiler on this o certainly hope its not that ugly thing.
Guo-Sheng Huang Oct 19, 2012
Like G8 way better.
350Z Pilot Oct 19, 2012
Could they make the ass end any more boring?
Yasser Zahabi Oct 19, 2012
These have always been sold in the Middle east as Chevrolet Lumina SS .. I had one, the v6 and they are absolute beasts .. I even drove it for 24 hours non stop across the desert .. Most reliable car I've ever owned with the Most powerful ac as well
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Oct 19, 2012
I hope they look as good as the Pontiac G8 GT's
Ghaith AL-sharari Oct 19, 2012
We have these in k.s.a there like the best drift cars out there
Colby Church Oct 19, 2012
No spoiler... Ugh
Jordan Jackson Oct 19, 2012
Now if we could just get the falcon here too... Lol
Matt Piccolo Oct 19, 2012
I've always really liked these
Description: The new Chevy SS is expected to arrive in the US as a 2014 model, V8 engine and all. But the news may even be better. According to a report from GM Authority, Holden Special Vehicles (HSV) has been te...
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Miguel Jimenez Oct 19, 2012
@Maria Yea, same here.
Maria Garcia Oct 19, 2012
@Miguel, I agree with you on GM using the LS7 on more of their products. In my opinion it's one of the best engines currently on the market. I personally like the LS7 more than the LSA and even the LS9. Of course that's just my opinion though.
David Catalfino Oct 19, 2012
Chevy has definitely made a comeback if they are being compared to a Benz.
Aaron Crisp Oct 19, 2012
Count me in! Just gotta get settled from moving and all that.
No Pistons Oct 19, 2012
I would do tag but I will be working :(
No Pistons Oct 19, 2012
Good stuff, spread the word. But ya it will be weekly races, point system, two car teams, pit stops, penalties, regional and national and well just about everything a real SCCA series has lol restrictions pull from ITR class essentially
William Downs Oct 19, 2012
I'm 100% down for that in fact ill be hosting an A class tag lobby later today, so anyone interested can find me on Facebook or send a message to the gamer tag BrutalPaperClip for the rundown of the lobby rules and game time
Donte Perino Oct 19, 2012
I am willing to compete. @No Pistons
No Pistons Oct 19, 2012
Communicating/organizing everything race related through the fan page "Car People Are Awesome" along with personal messages. :) let me know if you guys are interested? Who knows maybe I can talk the CB admins into doing features on the races if it..
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Oct 19, 2012
The G8 GT was a car I was considering to buy before GM did away with the Pontiac brand, I was heart broken :-(
No Pistons Oct 19, 2012
Off topic but trying to get a ball rolling on this, who here is interested in doing a Forza4 Carbuzz championship? I'm setting this up to be a legit series for us(restrictions, qualy, teams, etc) if interested contact me on FB and I will be...
Brian Johnston Oct 19, 2012
I hope they build this. But I highly doubt it will have the zl1 motor. Gm can't let a Chevy be faster than their caddy cts-v.
Miguel Jimenez Oct 19, 2012
I wish GM uses the LS7 in more of their products. I know the engine is more expensive but I'd be willing to pay an extra 5-10k.
Zaire Wilkins Oct 19, 2012
this camaro is capable of doing well over 200mph but 5th gear will still be the same in every american muscle car.
Aaron Crisp Oct 19, 2012
If I was going for a full size sedan that I could have fun in I'd have trouble deciding between the G8 and Charger. The new Chargers look great but I'm a big fan of Holden imports.
Kwayne Bryant Oct 19, 2012
They just need to add a navigation system, an auto-dimming mirror, and heated/cooled seats, and I'll buy it. :)
Justin Brest Oct 19, 2012
ever since they stopped making the G8 there's been no real good direct competition for the Charger. when I bought my Charger I also drove the G8 gt and loved the interior. I ended up buying the Charger because I thought it looked better and it went like hell. I'll tell ya tho, I was impressed with the G8 gt.
Paul Trahan Oct 19, 2012
Patrick, I've been having mine for over a year now and no complaints so far. The car makes a great DD. Comfy interior, lots of trunk space. If you drive normal it gets good mpg. Lots of fun when you get on the gas. Handles great.
Patrick Schalk Oct 19, 2012
Hey Paul how do you like your G8 GT? I'm thinking about getting one as a DD. Any drawbacks or anything?
Anthony Rullo Oct 19, 2012
2014... The same time AMG will release the new C63.. 5.5L twin turbo. Still think it has no chance? ;)
Zeus Mocha Oct 19, 2012
Hahaha C63 AMG against this should be no chance. The G8 was a looker. Not saying the C63 isn't. But if you can get a car for less then half the price and it looked good it's no question. Like I said though if this hits CTS-V range it will be a prob.
Cody Andree Oct 19, 2012
Cause this is a purists car. Not a lazy mans
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Oct 19, 2012
@Tony, plus the parts & labor will be cheaper then the Merc. AMG
Paul Trahan Oct 19, 2012
I hope I can find one of these totaled out in a few years so I put the parts into my G8 GT.
Colby Church Oct 19, 2012
Yeah, especially if it does have the LSA. Should be a pretty badass car. You know it will recurve a facelift before it comes here.
Patrick Schalk Oct 19, 2012
Tony why would you do that when you know you'll get spanked?!
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Oct 19, 2012
No one knows the price yet Tony, the Pontiac G8 GT sold around 35K, the G8 GXP 40K & this car should be similar , so don't jump to conclusions just yet!
Zaire Wilkins Oct 19, 2012
V8* ha like thats gonna happen
Zaire Wilkins Oct 19, 2012
nope get an AMG v
Zeus Mocha Oct 19, 2012
The polished looks good with only SIM. The black goes with the rest of the colors they offer. Although my friend has the polished but her's is painted to look like the carbon edition so it looks sweet.
Miguel Jimenez Oct 19, 2012
They hate you to lol.
Zaire Wilkins Oct 19, 2012
hate those rims
Siya Fadane Oct 22, 2012
Miss you pontiac would have loved a 2013 G6 3.6l supercharged VVT V6
Majed Ameeri Oct 20, 2012
We have those in the UAE re badged as Chevrolets with the camaro engine
Kyle McCullough Oct 19, 2012
Note that these wheels are also used on the cts-v. Only difference is finish and center cap
Austin Joseph Gillentine Oct 19, 2012
Would never buy the Chevy version, this is my dream car. Will own one and it will be the Pontiac version. ARROWHEAD! :D
Maaz Khan Oct 19, 2012
Look at that sexy beast! Few of my neighbors own some!
Matt Teschendorf Oct 20, 2012
We had one in the family. Lightly modded GT... all GT's were automatic, but it was a nice transmission. GXP had manual as an option. I'd buy a used G8 over the Chevy version most likely.
Austin Joseph Gillentine Oct 19, 2012
The only real version was/is the Pontiac version
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Oct 19, 2012
Yea the Pontiac G8 GXP came with stronger motor & a 6-speed transmission
William Downs Oct 19, 2012
Why that steering wheel is really confortable, loved the g8 was a great car
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Oct 19, 2012
Gimme a better steering wheel
Nameer Jameel Oct 19, 2012
yay the G8 is back!!!
Jimmy Bartolotta Oct 19, 2012
G8s came in manual. I believe the top trim only came with a manual.
David Hicks Oct 19, 2012
Come to Australia and you'll have 6-speed with three pedals all day long.
Yasser Zahabi Oct 19, 2012
I don't think so.. I could be wrong but we've had these for a while now and no manuals ..