Comments - Veloster Street Concept Debuts in Sydney

Published: Oct 18, 2012
Description: Looking at this Veloster concept you'd be forgiven for thinking it was bound for SEMA, but in fact local aftermarket tuner Concord Customs is responsible for the project that has just debuted at ...
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Sam McCracken Jul 09, 2013
I wouldn't buy one
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Oct 19, 2012
This is so ugly
David Hicks Oct 19, 2012
The first vehicle to come out of Concord Customs without fully-sick chrome wheels and a candy paint job, notsureifthisisreallife.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Oct 19, 2012
Back looks like a juke R
Victor Pitts Oct 18, 2012
I actually love these cars as much as I love new Hyundai. This ones a bit too much with the paint for my taste. I hope Hyundai makes these cars AWD and keeps that turbo motor! Could be an efficient daily!!
Brendan Bell Oct 18, 2012
It looks just like that one Citroen
Morgan Marcella Oct 18, 2012
It looks cool, but I won't buy one
Harrison Trapnell Oct 18, 2012
The colour scheme is like the Citroen DS3 Racing....
William Downs Oct 18, 2012
Yea it's a fun little car, not amazing but it's fun, but that's only with the turbo, standard engine is weak
Tara Fitria Oct 18, 2012
For some reasons really like this little Hyundai
Description: There's also illuminated front, rear side and rear splitters, the roof spoiler has been finished in matte black and twin exhausts have been fitted. Visual tweaks aside, the Hyundai Veloster Stree...
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Shelby Cassandra Oct 18, 2012
They did a crappy job on the leather.
Jordan Jackson Oct 18, 2012
I wouldn't call them awesome, better would be more fitting for Hyundai, but not awesome (unless your a Hyundai nut)
Victor Pitts Oct 18, 2012
Paul... You may need to do some seriously research... Hyundai will take over a lot of what you know these days considering they are an awesome ass company now. Trust me, I've driven all these cars and I love them. They remind me of my Nissans <3.
Jason Brown Oct 18, 2012
Did you not read the article and how this is the product of an aftermarket? Most cars outside of the US tells you in the rear what the engine size is, including Ferrari.
Jason Brown Oct 18, 2012
Paul, please on read a book and learn some culture and be more educated.
Ben Koch Oct 18, 2012
Yes Paul because a Porsche 911 turbo is super ricey and slow as hell....
Paul Brodrecht Oct 18, 2012
Turbo written on the seats? That alone made the car a ricer, its like something from walmart! Only ricers have to tell the world what they have under the hood because those of us with something actually fast know it and know the car will speak for itself. Besides Hyundai is a pathetic brand they can't seem to do anything right
Patrick Schalk Oct 18, 2012
Too much slack in the leather.
Guo-Sheng Huang Oct 18, 2012
I could never understand the handle bar thing on recent "sports car" designs. Who can reach that far when they sit back?
Justin Brest Oct 18, 2012
haha food court? wth
Noah Gavurin Oct 18, 2012
a food court? where are you going to eat?
Yasser Zahabi Oct 18, 2012
Please remove the turbo writings on the seat .. That alone makes it look like a cheap seat cover you buy at a food court
Brendan Bell Oct 18, 2012
The lighting is cool