Comments - VW Brings CC R-Line to America

Published: Oct 18, 2012
Description: Walk the streets of most any German city and you're bound to see plenty of luxury automobiles that look like performance models, but aren't quite. We're talking about BMWs with M-Sport ...
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gunter Oct 19, 2012
innit audi s lines just look the same as normal audis apart from that silver lining and bigger wheels thats it. - WHAT A RIP OFF !!
Dihan Peiris Oct 19, 2012
VW will have a hard time competing with BMW Ms and AMGs...
Jason Brown Oct 18, 2012
I think your 3rd party nav is going to be better than the built in from VW. VW /Audi nav is not the best...
Stefan G. Whittaker Oct 18, 2012
Yeah, I'm sure I could have done so, but it was an impulse buy: I had the money and thought 'what the hay.' I honestly do not like the new styling at's less 'unique.' I'd just rather have the sat-nav instead of the garmin on the dash. Besides that I also wish VW offered the TDI in the CC.
Jason Brown Oct 18, 2012
Stefan, why didn't you inquire for upcoming new models before you bought yours. You should always see what the next years model will have before you buy a car... That way if you still want the current model, you can leverage that to get better price.
Fawaz Alkraidees Oct 18, 2012
R line is for jaguars!
Elton Meraj Oct 19, 2012
The grille on the old version was much better..
Paul Dickey Oct 19, 2012
I feel like all of VW's brands are a lot better and a lot better looking than VW itself.
Timothy Hooker Oct 18, 2012
eww who took a pic of a turd and posted it on buzz? shame on you
Jason Brown Oct 18, 2012
I think it has never been that exciting of a car. A total failure here in South Korea. Very over priced almost 70k! After seeing US safety video on this car being the first car to lose a door on crash test, worries me a lot..
Guo-Sheng Huang Oct 18, 2012
@Shelby, totally agreed. The current design does not excite me at all. Looks like cars from the 80s.
Tracy Keiser Dron Oct 18, 2012
Wassup with the chrome??? That's so oldschool... Reminds me of the Subaru TriBeCa, from a sexy chayenne look alike to a chrome faces ugly mama mobile.... Eh!!! Idiots
Shelby Cassandra Oct 18, 2012
I feel like it's way too bland of a car. They couldn't give it some nice body lines at least? It's nice, don't get me wrong. Just lack
Justin Brest Oct 18, 2012
love these. IMO the only VW that doesn't look like a complete chick car
gunter Oct 18, 2012
this does not look sporty at all.
Clay Williams Oct 18, 2012
It looks like a nap.
Serg Karchevsky Oct 18, 2012
I like this one the most. Intelligence is present in that look.
Matt Piccolo Oct 18, 2012
I hate the look of my moms car but the interior is great (minus all the peeling materials on the doors and lock/unlock buttons)
Matt Piccolo Oct 18, 2012
Yea I'm undecided if I like the new one or the old one better... When my mom bought her passat, I sat in one of the old ones and it was really nice, but it was basically my moms passat with nicer exterior styling... Which is why I like the cc
Dylan Bruder Oct 18, 2012
The old ones look so much better though
Matt Piccolo Oct 18, 2012
One of the only vw's I'd buy, these are sweet though
Description: The trim adds a more aggressive grille, foglamps, side skirts, 18-inch alloys and a smattering of special interior trim to the svelte, Passat-based four-door coupe. Intriguingly, Volkswagen of Americ...
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Ryan Spencer Oct 18, 2012
Why offer the "performance" variant on the base motor only?
Brian Johnston Oct 18, 2012
What's the 0-60.
Bryan Wesly Pascual Oct 18, 2012
CC-R 4- motion would sound better
gunter Oct 19, 2012
Matt Piccolo Oct 18, 2012
The only 2 real changes I see are the steering wheel and radio... Other tan that I only see a few very minor updates
Matt Piccolo Oct 18, 2012
This looks like my moms 06 passat lol