Comments - Student Reimagines the TT as the Audi RS

Published: Oct 18, 2012
Description: When Audi unveiled the TT in 1998, it revolutionized the brand's design. But while the new version that arrived in 2006 is a more aggressive design, it's still a far cry from the R8. One stu...
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CarloAlberto Il Lupo Napolitano Oct 20, 2012
It looks a bmw z4 concept, not an Audi....
Matt A Knott Oct 19, 2012
front end i think looks real good but it would be nice if the back wasnt so much like the Z4
Jason Lam Oct 18, 2012
I was thinking the same thing when I saw that rear. Z4 inspired I guess. Overall this is still a sexy concept minus the Audi badge.
Mark Bonner Oct 18, 2012
The Audi z4, such a BMW copy?
jammer Oct 22, 2012
amazing interior! Cool car
Siya Fadane Oct 22, 2012
I see z4 lines?!
Bruno Clara Oct 21, 2012
It looks like a happy z4
Matthew Mazzarelli Oct 20, 2012
Z4 with the CL class front.
Alejandro De León Reza Oct 20, 2012
I dont like it at all. Looks alot to z4.. But z4 is badass
Ahmed Al Harthy Oct 19, 2012
Looks pretty much like a z4
Ben Bourdon Oct 19, 2012
Can't tell if I'm more confused by the student or Carbuzz. This car doesn't resemble an Audi TT in any way so I don't get what he was "reimagining". As we all agree this looks like a shitty Z4, exactly like one. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!
Darren Nardo Oct 19, 2012
BMW is gonna be pissed!!!
Jason Mosery Oct 19, 2012
Yeah Nour....the only similarity to the Z4 is just the wheels....nothing else.....yeah....
Nick Schnee Oct 19, 2012
I'm not really a fan of the headlights... They Aren't Audi-ish enough.
Serge Pankratov Oct 19, 2012
It looks more like a slightly redone Z4 rather than a significantly redone TT.. Therefore, to me its more a Bimmer than an Audi, therefore this article should be about BMW not Audi (IMO of course)
Nour Ahmad Oct 19, 2012
Looks like the Z4 because of the rims
Ron Vinson Oct 18, 2012
All Z4. I know. I have one. Especially that rear 3/4 view.
Jared Ranck Oct 18, 2012
Did you know that the 1995 Ford Escort LX Station Wagon was the most aerodynamic car ever? IT'S SHAPE CREATES NO DRAG!!!
Clinton R. Burger Oct 18, 2012
Too Z4-Ish. But a hard top would be interesting
Author Norman R. Colson Oct 18, 2012
I want a hardtop version, it would be so sick!!!
Milan de la Rocha Oct 18, 2012
Looks exactly like a z4, which is embarrassing. Audi's design has always stood apart. Like Lamborghini apart from anything else...I don't want an Audi that looks like a bimmer
Robby Stanley Oct 18, 2012
Overdone to the point it's borderline gaudy.
Dave Larby Oct 18, 2012
Looks too much like a BMW Z4.
Jason Mosery Oct 19, 2012
As a design student myself, I have to ask....what's up with "designers" these days????? There is nothing unique about this looks like a Chinese ripoff of the Z4. Where's the creativity???
Pete Murray Oct 19, 2012
It's a z4 with mustang hood/bonnet and Maserati quattroporte front lights.
Brennan Taylor Oct 19, 2012
@nour- I totally agree. I would by that straight off the market. No matter how much it cost.
Serge Pankratov Oct 19, 2012
That side door blade that Audi uses on their "S" and "RS" cars makes this particular car look very unbalanced at the bottom half.. Makes it look too awkwardly wide and unproportionately round.. Thumbs down for me
Nour Ahmad Oct 19, 2012
It is unbelievably beautiful ! I actually would trade in my Cadillac V for this !
Kwesi Desmond Prempeh Oct 18, 2012
With a little Z3
Kwesi Desmond Prempeh Oct 18, 2012
TT morphing into a Z4 or vice versa !!!
Guo-Sheng Huang Oct 18, 2012
Audi please don't consider this, it would put you in the same route Hyundai had few years back.
Author Norman R. Colson Oct 18, 2012
It's a concept, you can tighten up the lines anytime later, this is probably a rough draft. LOL
Boyd Boudreaux Oct 18, 2012
How about tighten up some body lines
Justin Brest Oct 18, 2012
I like it but you can definitely see some z4 design ques
Author Norman R. Colson Oct 18, 2012
Aggressive as hell, I like it
Adam Page Oct 18, 2012
It looks very nice. I like it when people don't go for an overboard futuristic look.
Kevin Watson Oct 18, 2012
But you have to admit the front do look nice. IMO.
Dave Larby Oct 18, 2012
Yep I totally agree... I'm hoping that they use the Quattro concept as a starting point for the new TT.
Anthony Richardson Oct 19, 2012
This car look like a mustang, if I wanted to look like a mustang, I'd go buy a ford. I like the current Audi TT RS as it stands now
Serge Pankratov Oct 19, 2012
I see the new stang too.. However, i do like this rendering from this angle.. Quite different and aggressive :)
Brandon Olsen Oct 18, 2012
I like it, but the Beemer rear blows
Guo-Sheng Huang Oct 18, 2012
Look at the small hood. It would suck when working on the engine. :)
Guo-Sheng Huang Oct 18, 2012
Yes, I can see that.
Fawaz Alkraidees Oct 18, 2012
Well, i own a mustang shelby super snake and this for sure resembles one...
Zack Hartman Oct 18, 2012
@shelby I think he's referring to the raised nose like the 2013s
Shelby Cassandra Oct 18, 2012
What about this screams "Mustang" to you? I don't see any resemblance of a Mustang and I look at one every day.
Douglas Goncalves Oct 18, 2012
The front has elements from the Mustang, and the rear resembles that of a Z4. The outcome still looks better than the current TT in my opinion.
Daren Halfpenny Oct 20, 2012
It's a Z4. All there is to it!
Sivert Grande Oct 20, 2012
@Igor Then you don't have respect for Audi at all.
Alex Medvedev Oct 20, 2012
Lfa tail light style
Igor Roata Oct 19, 2012
this is how a real audi shod look, and don't tell me about BMW I like them but not now
Ben Bourdon Oct 19, 2012
Looks like your eyes line right up with the top of the windshield....
Serge Pankratov Oct 19, 2012
IMO.... This blows.. Not liking what i see at all
Nour Ahmad Oct 19, 2012
Round of pause for this!! Lol awesome !!! Love it
John Joe Oct 18, 2012
At first the front looks like a tt rs but the back looks like the z4. But the back is too flared up like the z4 but good job quid should look (only the front) at the tt rs and put it for the 2014. Tt rs
Brandon Olsen Oct 18, 2012
Let's get a Audi rear, fronts not bad but the z4 rear just won't work.
Jared Ranck Oct 18, 2012
All I see here is a rip off of a BMW Z4. Rebadged, body changes, but still a Z4. A for effort, however be unique man. This is not it
Victor Pitts Oct 18, 2012
Cool BMW bro! I know I have sketched quite a few TTs in my day that look way better (in my mind) then this non-Audi-BMW rip-off. Sorry, sir!
Ryan Spencer Oct 18, 2012
WAY too similar to a Z4, as sated below. TT-RS ftw.
Leonardo Araza Ruiz Oct 18, 2012
No offense he could have better
Guo-Sheng Huang Oct 18, 2012
It's the BMW Z4 Storm Trooper edition. Kind of cool.
Sivert Grande Oct 18, 2012
Why would he even put an Audi badge on this thing? It's just an ugly BMW.
Max Müller Oct 18, 2012
It's a fat BMW Z4
Andrew Palmer Oct 18, 2012
Agreed, too much z4....the back end is a cut and paste job.
Dylan Knapp Oct 18, 2012
Way too much z4, it's so prominent with the trunk/ trunk lip spoiler
Noah Gavurin Oct 18, 2012
yeah, just with a really weird body kit
Siya Fadane Oct 22, 2012
They should sell this design to a Chinese manufacturer. They will probably call it a 4Z coupe WMB lol
Zachary Nance Oct 19, 2012
it looks sad...
Ben Bourdon Oct 19, 2012
I know we all like to say cars look like other cars all the time on here but seriously, this looks like a new Z4. They took the two most defining features of the Z4 rear end and copied it to this "Audi"
Paul Trahan Oct 19, 2012
I usually hate when someone says "it looks like...." but damn!
SuperTrofeo Oct 19, 2012
sad rear is sad
Brandon Olsen Oct 18, 2012
Completely a mock off a BMW Z rear end.
Jon Ashley Oct 18, 2012
looks a bit fat honestly, but it is a rendering. The idea is good though. The audi tt isn't much of a sports car unless you buy the S or the RS. This new one could be a bit smaller, more purpose built sports car.
Zack Hartman Oct 18, 2012
God z4 but worse
Barry Stewart Oct 24, 2012
I strongly believe this is a design statement, that the TT should be tougher looking... I doubt this will make production, but a great redirection for the TT... am I the only one that understood this concept??
Nate Perry Oct 20, 2012
Z4 auto correct
Nate Perry Oct 20, 2012
looks like a chiseled out M3 with weird body specs
Serge Pankratov Oct 19, 2012
No thanks, ill take the current TTRS in a heartbeat!
Logan Delony Oct 18, 2012
I like it a lot, although it does look too much like a z4.
Leonardo Araza Ruiz Oct 18, 2012
For real it looks like a bmw z4
Ryan Rainville Oct 18, 2012
I looks like a z4 rs5 mashed together I actually like it though
Dave Larby Oct 18, 2012
My guess is that this design student had a project due and no ideas.
Joe Delaney Oct 18, 2012
Do not like. Audi doesn't need to make a BMW z- lookalike.