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Published: Oct 17, 2012
Description: Make no mistake about it: the European economy is in the toilet. And the ramifications for the continent's automotive industry are far-reaching. Just look to the recent bankruptcies declared by D...
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Sasa Jungic Oct 20, 2012
And Josh Red Bull did use Cosworth engine in RB1, RB2 was Ferrari engine and then from RB3 it was Renault
Sasa Jungic Oct 20, 2012
Toyota!! Buy Cosworth and start building fun cars!
Jason Brower Oct 17, 2012
Such a shame! I loved my Cosworth four cylinder in my miata! It made such good power for the weight!!
Thibault Leroy Oct 17, 2012
Thats sad. It would be great to see VW buy them
Josh Banning Oct 17, 2012
I'm pretty sure red bull never used cosworth
Jordan Jackson Oct 17, 2012
@redge: as soon as the economy comes out of the shitter
Ryan Rainville Oct 17, 2012
If vw bought them can you imagine a cosworth Porsche engine baby omg that would be nasty
Redge Diakité Oct 17, 2012
When are all those bankruptcies gonna stop??! :(
Paul Dickey Oct 17, 2012
That would be awesome!
Jordan Jackson Oct 17, 2012
One of the major manufacturers could really benefit from owning them... I bet it'll be VW, lol
Alex Renaud Oct 18, 2012
With one hand in the air, I think the guy is showboating a little (after a win, perhaps).
Shayn Mykal Lasa Oct 17, 2012
That's the complete opposite of lockup...
Description: Cosworth's business, however, extends far beyond Formula One and even the other racing engines it has made over its 54-year history. Cosworth has engineered and built road-car engines for Ford, S...
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Nick Schnee Oct 17, 2012
Oh God no. Don't tell me Aston Martin might loose their V12 supplier...
Jordan Jackson Oct 17, 2012
Ok, never mind about my post on the first page, lol
Description: The move comes after the British engineering concern canceled plans to float its shares on the stock market, a plan which failed because of - you guessed it - the state of the European economy. It&apo...
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David Gray Nov 20, 2012
John chase is a child that has nothing better to do with his time than make himself look like a twat
John Chase Nov 19, 2012
David Gray is a douchebag.
David Gray Oct 18, 2012
Did I say that div? What I said was in fact TRUTH. Economic crisis started because of Lehmann Bros and their toxic assets n clients sub-prime mortgages. If you don't know that, you're living in a bubble
Stephen Tyler Learn Oct 18, 2012
Ah blame the USA for everything that's wrong in the world. I've never seen that happen before
David Gray Oct 18, 2012
......except when it comes to making cars
Jason Villwock Oct 17, 2012
'merica always number one
David Gray Oct 17, 2012
Gotta love the comments about the European economy here. Considering the WORLD banking crisis which gave rise to the problems in Europe started in the good ol' gad daaaam US of A.
Sam Biggin Oct 18, 2012
It's the ultimate ford transit
Brendan Bell Oct 17, 2012
That looks amazing, even though it dosent
prodrag Oct 17, 2012
what is this? what ever it is its awesome.
Carlton Salmon Oct 17, 2012
It has a full race Cosworth DFV F1 engine in it. Renault did the same thing a few years later with an Espace.
Shelby Cassandra Oct 17, 2012
I could picture ABC news driving this.
Dale Schroeder Oct 17, 2012
Hey now, don't hate. This is legit quick because it was built to run on the track.
Jordan Jackson Oct 17, 2012
Umm, wow... Just wow
William Downs Oct 18, 2012
Out of that thing in the woods, drobe threw giant puddles, just kept on running... Miss that car
William Downs Oct 18, 2012
Greatness rite there, great performance and unmatched reliability, love me some Subaru, had a 94 impreza drove that thing to 300k and never had a single problem and I beat the cap out of that thing, always over due for oil changes, rallied the crap
Matt Piccolo Oct 17, 2012
"Trolled?" I asked a question but ok... And I swear I've seen u hate on both muscle cars and Porsches, but ok?
Matt Piccolo Oct 17, 2012
Erich, what cars do u like... U seem to hate on EVERY single car in EVERY single Artical u comment in... On other terms, love these, looks awesome! :)
Kyle Kloewer Oct 17, 2012
Can't buy this, it's sold out haha
Shaniqua Latisha Oct 17, 2012
In that case you and the car must be twins
Stephen Tyler Learn Oct 18, 2012
I don't think it's good looking at all but it is one bad ass little car
Josh Kim Oct 18, 2012
I love this car! I think it's the best rally car in da world! And by the way.. Whoever said the RS200 is ugly is such a retard
Darian Vorlick Oct 18, 2012
The sound of an RS200 is amazing. Only got to drive a privately owned one once and it's one of my most cherished memories.
Matt Piccolo Oct 17, 2012
These are fast little cars but damn are they ugly!
Jason Brower Oct 17, 2012
Yo dawg, I heard you like headlights...
David Guerrero Oct 17, 2012
Only ford I like
Dylan Bruder Oct 17, 2012
A ford I do like
Tomas Arango Ferreira Oct 19, 2012
The T16 was a 4cyl turbo
Ben Webb Oct 17, 2012
This isn't group b it home built google Peugeot cosworth
Carlton Salmon Oct 17, 2012
Correct me if I'm wrong but the Peugeot T16 rally car was a turbocharged four cylinder, not a six.
Ben Webb Oct 17, 2012
This car is amazing the v6 sound is beautiful howling throught the forest but it's banned from rallying now :(
Jared Palmer Oct 19, 2012
It was the XR4TI in the US. It used the same 2.3 turbo as the SVO Mustang, T Bird turbo coupe and Cougar XR7. Stock not very quick but had lots of potential.
Ian Wright Oct 18, 2012
Still drive my RS500 every weekend
Jordan Jackson Oct 17, 2012
@erich: yea, kinda figured it'd be less powerful, still, it's good looking for a car of that era lol
Carlton Salmon Oct 17, 2012
RS500 were very rare and a good one is worth alot of money.
Jordan Jackson Oct 17, 2012
I like these, they were sold as merkur's here in the states right?
Maynor Pineda Oct 18, 2012
It would be awesome if it had a automatic spoiler
William Downs Oct 18, 2012
Holy freaking wing batman
Jason Villwock Oct 17, 2012
You mean death trap
Jordan Jackson Oct 17, 2012
That is a ricers dream right there lol
Amir Roy Oct 17, 2012
Look at that rear wing! Epic...
Harrison Armstrong Oct 18, 2012
No matter what it's on, the Martini livery always makes it look better in my opinion.
Kevin Carlin Oct 17, 2012
Needs moar low lol jk
William Downs Oct 18, 2012
Wounder if this project will be finished or not