Comments - 1992 Audi S4 Hits 260 MPH

Published: Oct 17, 2012
Description: The thrill of going in excess of 260 mph in any car, let alone one dating back to 1992, is a heck of a thing to articulate. Simply reliving it on video is enough to give you goose bumps. Just as impre...
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Serge Pankratov Oct 19, 2012
@gunter-i respect your opinion, but IMO, Toyota is such a boring car! And even the Supra IMO is overrated. I would never take a yota over the four ringed beauty :) Audi ftw
Robby Stanley Oct 18, 2012
No worries. Now you know... And knowings half the battle.
David Munasinghe Oct 18, 2012
@ Robby. My fault not checking the facts. I just checked and they were made between 1991-1994.
Robby Stanley Oct 18, 2012
David you need to check your facts. Audi made the S4 from 92 thru 94 then rebadged it the S6 from 95 to 97. I would know I owned a pearl white 92 S4. I even have a dealer brochure from 1992 that list the S4 as their top model, above the V8 quattto.
gunter Oct 18, 2012
im actually a merc fan but yeah.toyotas are better than audi
David Munasinghe Oct 17, 2012
Why can't Car Buzz fact check or just look at the car before writing. It's a second generation audi 100 and later a6 or s6. There were no audi s4 in 1992.
Bobby Bob Oct 17, 2012
Never understood the whole hating a car brand thing. Who cares who made it. If it's good, it's good. If it's bad, then it's bad.
Micheal Andrews Oct 17, 2012
He's just a BMW fan who's trashing the competition. Look at his comments. It's nothing new, just like vette fans commenting on GT-R articles or vice versa.
Serge Pankratov Oct 17, 2012
Gunter must be a die hard Toyota fan. Audi was always a better-than-your-average-car car. It was never really best in class or made with TOP quality The only problems i know with them are/were electrical. Their interiors have always been great
Nick Benz Oct 17, 2012
Damn i read that title like six times
Rockesh Boulder Oct 17, 2012
The people at BMW just died a little on the inside
Matt Piccolo Oct 17, 2012
@ Gunter, back then they weren't the best of quality, but they're A LOT better now
gunter Oct 17, 2012
audis were and still ate crap this must have been a miracle
Description: Last year Jeff managed to hit 242 mph. This year the 20-year-old Audi mustered a top speed in excess of 260 mph, and his two blistering runs along the dry lake bed averaged 236.599 mph. That was enoug...
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Joe Delaney Oct 18, 2012
This car is insane. He's a member of one of the VW/Audi car clubs here in KC. It's definitely not a daily. Too loud and too fast. Completely brutal acceleration.
Dan J Tresham Oct 18, 2012
Gayboy music ruins it
Aaron Crisp Oct 18, 2012
How does this guy fit his giant balls in there?
Shannon Sims Oct 17, 2012
That's amazing to still be that driving at this stage in life. However car buzz should find a vid without the lame music so we could hear the motor. I was all excited... I've never heard a inline 5 with 1000+hp:,(
Janak Solanki Oct 17, 2012
Yea I wish we could hear that engine, but otherwise great job.
Ryan Spencer Oct 17, 2012
I agree: these cars deserve to be heard.
Logan Delony Oct 17, 2012
Me too ! The music kind of killed it for me though, I wanted to hear the motor clearly. D: but great job on the record!
Seth Pettman Oct 17, 2012
That's crazy at therms when the car goes sideways a bit!! I though he was going to looses it :/
Serge Pankratov Oct 17, 2012
I imagine if it was more aerodynamic :) probably would have went that much faster
Das Stig Oct 17, 2012
I'm sad to say from this angle of this particular of this car I cannot recognize it. Its a sad day for me.