Comments - Mustang Drifts Off the Assembly Line

Published: Oct 16, 2012
Description: All Ford Mustangs are built in one place: the Flat Rock Assembly Plant in Michigan. Of the 500 pony-cars that role off the line every shift, five percent are randomly picked to undergo a test-track ev...
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Dale McIntyre Oct 16, 2012
Agreed a little misleading. This is just promotion for him since nothing in that mustang is stock
Brian Peelgren Oct 16, 2012
Please change the title cause clearly that mustang isn't stock.
Description: The thing is, Gittin's car was not one of the random 5 percent; it's a highly modified drifting beast of a Mustang. This video shows what happens when Vaughn and the Mustang meet. (We'l...
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Nami Roy Oct 28, 2012
Waaaaaw real drift
Jason Turner Oct 20, 2012
@Devan lmao that's too funny and probably true
Lou Guerrero Oct 19, 2012
Ha, I remember when Vaughn was a nobody drifting an s13 coupe. He deserves all of this.
Michael Riley Oct 17, 2012
Yeah I'm definitely gonna say he was not supposed to hit the red mustang. but either way it's still a cool video.
Jimmy Bartolotta Oct 17, 2012
Great video. Sadly it doesn't do his mustang justice. That thing sounds so much better in person.
David Parenti Oct 17, 2012
@ Joe. I'm sure you could've done it better. Besides, I think hitting the red mustang was intentional. They had a camera set up for the perfect angle to catch it.
Joe LongTime Santana Oct 17, 2012
No he hit the red mustang , He sucks.
Besim Hojhalli Oct 17, 2012
@Devan Rogers LMFAO thats too funny man.
Victor Pitts Oct 17, 2012
This guy, Mr. Jr. andT-Foust rock my sh*t!!
Shelby Cassandra Oct 16, 2012
This guy is a boss! Lol
Devan Rogers Oct 16, 2012
Actually legend has it that Steve McQueen and The Stig once high fived and gave spontaneous birth to him
Barry Boo Wilson Oct 16, 2012
Surprised #8 didn't blow :)! 5.0 guys know what I mean.
Alex O'Brian Oct 16, 2012
He is crazy. what a talent
Alex O'Brian Oct 16, 2012
This guy was born in Laguna Seca
Kevin Carlin Oct 17, 2012
Yeah but it's pretty hard to drift WELL
Noah Gavurin Oct 17, 2012
its pretty easy
Anthony Sanderson Oct 16, 2012
I wanna learn how to drift so bad!
Ashen Fonseka Oct 16, 2012
I have this R/C drift car it's awesome but I put touring wheels on it
Ashen Fonseka Oct 16, 2012
Forzas the best game ever and then F1 2012
Drew Storrusten Oct 16, 2012
There's absolutely no other racing game I can play now because of forza. I'm so used to it now. Speaking of which I gotta go finish paying off horizon. Hahaha
Stephen Cobbs Oct 16, 2012
Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed. That game never clicked for me. Forza for life
Lou Guerrero Oct 19, 2012
He has two versions. A competition car and a watered-down ride-along demo car.
Joe LongTime Santana Oct 17, 2012
He hit the car, he should be replaced
Jimmy Bartolotta Oct 16, 2012
If that's the race car I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't anything more than a few scratches/scuff marks on the other car. Those bumpers are barely on during the races.
Tracy Keiser Dron Oct 16, 2012
Who's paying for the damages???