Comments - DRT: Tesla Model S vs BMW M5

Published: Oct 16, 2012
Description: Say what? It may sound a bit hard to believe for some, but the new Tesla Model S is a torque beast. How much twist is there on hand exactly? 443 pound-feet from 0 rpm. This is one of the few performan...
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Alex Renaud Oct 17, 2012
All electric motors have maximum torque at 0 rpm, but their horsepower is inversely proportional to rpm. Interesting little drive mechanisms, these are - completely different horsepower/torque characteristics than IC engines.
Harrison Armstrong Oct 17, 2012
As if that joke isn't old...
Brady Fereday Oct 16, 2012
I hope they had fire extinguishers ready for that tesla hahahahah hahahah xD
Description: Automobile magazine's Ezra Dyer took some time out from testing for the gloss-book's Car of the Year award to put this little matchup together. Does the electric sedan have what it takes to ...
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Siya Fadane Oct 22, 2012
More EV more Hybrid... Yes, feed... Feed!
Max Ignatyev Oct 22, 2012
lol, so many butthurt beamer fanboys and conservatives. Electric cars are the future! Oh and for the record, BMW is just crap. Reliability could be compared to a Hyundai.
Dihan Peiris Oct 19, 2012
Poor job motor trend! M5 will smoke the Tesla on the road and paper anytime!
Trent Griffin Oct 18, 2012
Tesla Model S $70, moving engine part..89 mpge.. Annual fuel cost $700.00 / BMW M5 $90,000.. 14 mpg Annual fuel cost $3850.00...after 5 years of ownership that BMW cost $109,250 not including maintenance.... The Tesla cost $73,500...hmmmm pocket the $35,750 and save the environment at the same dang time!
Tim Ranahan Oct 18, 2012
Electric motors have more torque the gas, by far. But they sound like crap, haha
Timothy Hooker Oct 17, 2012
Idk about that BMW note. sounds kinda forced. also the driver blows. electric cars are like sharks they sneak up on u with their super quite engines....not natural
Zaire Wilkins Oct 17, 2012
that M5 sounded like a subaru thats the only reason i dont like the new M5 with its artifical exhaust note has alot of power but that V8 is cheesey
Sam Biggin Oct 17, 2012
The BMW 5 series is just one of the best looking cars on the road inside and out
Colby Church Oct 17, 2012
I'll go with the Chevy.
Redge Diakité Oct 17, 2012
Yes Adrian I always mess up with THE two terms :D
Jeff Reissner Oct 17, 2012
that tesla really launches hard. awesome off the line performance color me impressed
Shannon Sims Oct 17, 2012
Why do I think the M5 has launch control??? M driver may not have known.....
Rick Ross Oct 17, 2012
Clearly not good a good driver in the M5. Compare the 0-60 times and the M5 pulverizes the Tesla.
Dan Jardine Oct 16, 2012
Electric anything sucks.
Matt White Oct 16, 2012
Don't worry, that big m5 v8 sound everyone is talking about is enhanced within the cabin by the speakers that produce engine noise...with electricity. Don't believe me? google it. The point wasn't tesla>m5, I think the point is, give tesla a chance
Jerry Townsend Oct 16, 2012
I would go with the Tesla, just because it will be unique. Very sexy car IMO.
Justin Stevens Oct 16, 2012
M5 is awesome I don't care about a drag race I seen how the tesla roadster preformed when driven hard for a long period of time they shut down.
Jeffrey Frank Oct 16, 2012
When there's a Tesla dealer in my town, I'll think about it. Until then, BMW. Will probably happen about the same time I could afford either car. Lol.
Garrett Thompson Oct 16, 2012
Id like to see that race again with proper driver. Slow start, wheel spin shifting into second; with a proper driver in the M the outcome would be different.
Patrick Schalk Oct 16, 2012
Damn that M5 sounded so good. I'd get one if parts weren't so damn expensive.
Dillon Magee Oct 16, 2012
I just saw a white model s like 5 minutes ago. It looked goo, but M5 for me :)
Thibault Leroy Oct 16, 2012
It looked like the M5 had a late start
Redge Diakité Oct 16, 2012
LOL Ethan it's twincharged now THE M5 :D
Roger Guilemany Mortimer Oct 16, 2012
If the race would be 200 meters more, M5 wons.
Ethan Amo Oct 16, 2012
Ok, nice car, tesla! But I'd much prefer that naturally aspirated V8 sound..
Alec Lindgren Oct 16, 2012
I feel my self wanting an electric car
Shelby Cassandra Oct 16, 2012
I'd love to own an electric car like the Tesla, but it is way too overpriced if I remember correctly.
John Serely Oct 16, 2012
For me, engine noise is a big factor, and the m5 sounds pretty good, and the tesla...doesnt sound at all
Anders Schrøder Oct 16, 2012
I would go with the tesla. It looks so brilliant all the way through. Just my opinion.
Adam Beiersdorfer Oct 16, 2012
I feel like if the results of the video were different, we would be having a complete 180 reaction to this... Just sayin
Ryan Spencer Oct 16, 2012
That's funny. Problem is, absolutely no one who buys a tesla 'S' will do so because it's fast, and even fewer will actually race them. And the bimmer's better in about every other way conceivable.
Jared Oteri Oct 16, 2012
This video is a joke. Put the m5 in sport plus and set the launch control then try it, won't even be close
Mark Fei Ling Oct 16, 2012
And if u do the review, it's got great build quality by buying Gm and TOYOTA's factory during economic downturn at 2008
Mark Fei Ling Oct 16, 2012
People all forget about how small the Tesela is, and how big step they did on the automobile industry. Think about Giant company's car, like Gm's volt and TOYOTA's Prius, also that Nissan leaf, they are expensive and not half good as model S.
Cassius Oct 17, 2012
Haven't seen one in the metal but its kinda a plain Jane
Cassius Oct 17, 2012
The first thing I'd buy if I won the lottery.... Actually the second after I bought another lottery ticket