Comments - Volvo Says Goodbye to the C30

Published: Oct 15, 2012
Description: Volvo may be lacking in excitement, but what it doesn't lack is dedicated customers. And for many, the entry point into Swedish motoring has been the C30. Introduced in 2006, the C30 represents a...
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Anthony Surdo Oct 17, 2012
That seriously makes me sad
Benjamin McCormick Oct 16, 2012
Sux. They were cool little cars. If the performance matched the looks, maybe they wouldn't be headed for the dustbin. Still, liked seeing them around.
Vince Cassi Oct 15, 2012
Short amount of time where I live. This news is even worse as Volvo will not have a replacement in the US for the Ike being.
Vince Cassi Oct 15, 2012
I am very disappointed to hear this. I own a C30 R-Design and in my eyes, it is one of the best cars today. It is very communicative and I get 25 mpg combined in it (mostly city). As for lack of sales, I disagree. They are on sale for an extremely
Nathaniel Sharp Oct 15, 2012
That's a damn shame, I always thought these were really cool little hatchbacks.
Das Stig Oct 15, 2012
don't worry, the car altogether isnt Hong things to vanish.
Brendan Bell Oct 15, 2012
Nooooo this was the car I wanted when I could drive
Logan LeMonnier Oct 15, 2012
I always liked this car. Not that attractive but different
Description: The question that leaves open, however, is what Volvo will do to replace it. For Europe it has already rolled out the new V40 that occupies much of the same market position, but Volvo has stated that ...
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Sasa Jungic Oct 20, 2012
Never really liked C30. That backend was not for me. Looks wired
Aiden Bass Oct 16, 2012
Im in America and I drive an '07 S60 T5,, and my brother drives an '04 S60R,, they definitely have em in the US.
Nick Benz Oct 16, 2012
@Jared same here.
Jeremy Siebert Oct 16, 2012
Spend a day on the highway and you'd probably see a couple dozen Volvo semi-trucks too. These C30's aren't super common, but I'd say that's mostly due to the limited target market of a 3 door premium hatch
Jeremy Siebert Oct 16, 2012
Not only do I see several Volvos every day, I probably know more than a dozen dealers in different cities around the US. Not sure where you might live that you've never seen a Volvo in the US.
Jared Palmer Oct 15, 2012
I have owned three in the last year.
Justin Brest Oct 15, 2012
they are everywhere...
Das Stig Oct 15, 2012
I bet you'll start seeing them now that your really looking for them. that always happens to me. I'll just kinda forget about a car and then something comes up that makes me interested in them so I'll start seeing a lot of them.
Carlton Salmon Oct 15, 2012
I've seen countless American films where the couple or family have an old boxy 200 Series Volvo estate.
Shelby Cassandra Oct 15, 2012
I notice them in Europe because they're different. I've seen really old Volvo's but not a semi-new one.
Das Stig Oct 15, 2012
haha what? I'm sure you have you just probably didn't realize it. there's tons of em. my best friend drives a c30 t5
Shelby Cassandra Oct 15, 2012
Volvo North America? I've never seen a Volvo except in Europe.
Philipp Kentner Oct 15, 2012
I liked it when it was still new, now it seems like a lot of cars are doing that black thing in the back
Lead Peddalin Oct 16, 2012
The only reason I don't like many Volvos. The floating console is too weird. Looks bad.
Jeremy Siebert Oct 16, 2012
Not plain enough! Too many buttons to be as clean as I'd like it.
Matt Piccolo Oct 15, 2012
I don't like their centre console AT ALL, it's way to plain
Jason Villwock Oct 15, 2012
Interior identical to my s40 and friends c70.