Comments - Lamborghini Updates 2013 Gallardo Spyder

Published: Oct 15, 2012
Description: Following the reveal of the facliefted Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 in Paris, the first images of the new Spyder version have surfaced, revealing the same upgrades but in roadster form. With an all-ne...
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Thibault Leroy Oct 16, 2012
@Alex yeah but it had facelifts and redisigns
Keenan Casteel Oct 15, 2012
This is normal for Lamborghini. The Murcielago was around for 10 years and people still love the way it looks.
Alex Renaud Oct 15, 2012
@ Thibault: Production of the Gallardo started in 2003 (for a 2004 model year release). So that design is coming up to 10 years old, which is a lifetime in the auto industry. So you might not think it looks old, but it *is*.
Thibault Leroy Oct 15, 2012
I saw a spyder performante today and the design is in no way old
Erik Rudolph Oct 15, 2012
In 2014 it will be replaced I heard
Dylan Bruder Oct 15, 2012
I think it's a year or two I can't remember they had an article on it not that long ago if you look up lamborghini you should be able to find it
Alex Renaud Oct 15, 2012
Brian, you couldn't have said it any better, man. The current design, although nice, is quite dated. These facelifts won't cut it for very long.
Brian Johnston Oct 15, 2012
When is the gallardo going to be retired? I want a new model. I love them but time for a change.
Amar Gupta Oct 17, 2012
I am so gay for this car
Matt Silva Oct 16, 2012
Pointier does not = better
Wyatt Gordon Oct 15, 2012
they need to retire the Gallardo already. these new updates are so ugly IMO, and I did'nt even like the 2'nd gen Gallardo. I only liked the first generation
Cody Gillard Oct 15, 2012
Oh hell yeah beats my civic anyday
Dillon Magee Oct 15, 2012
I like it. And the wheels are hella sexy.
Josh Banning Oct 15, 2012
I prefer the old model
Zeus Mocha Oct 15, 2012
Front has a snake kind of feel to it.
Paul Dickey Oct 15, 2012
I still love the gallardo. Nothing wrong with it at all.
JB Kolod Oct 15, 2012
Yes Alex lamborghinis are not built entirely in house like ferraris but share parts with other vehicles in VW Gruppe (the gallardo and r8 share a huge number of parts)
Luis Erick Marcano Schmilinsky Oct 15, 2012
Nothing wrong with keeping tradition, I love this.
Guo-Sheng Huang Oct 15, 2012
Why I don't see anything special with this one. Lamborghini needs new cars with fresh designs. They are beating the dead horse, now.
Micheal Andrews Oct 15, 2012
This car is so ugly! How could anyone like this?! It looks deformed.
Alex Renaud Oct 15, 2012
Is there any merit to his statement? I figure you lot would know. Thanks.
Alex Renaud Oct 15, 2012
A stranger on the train (who started talking to me after we saw an old 360 Modena drive by), told me that many Lambo parts are shipped to the Lambo factory where they are assembled. Whereas Ferrari builds everything in-house.
Luke Purdy Oct 15, 2012
looks like lambo is my new favourite manufacturer. They are an old fashioned supercar maker and I love it!
Matt Piccolo Oct 15, 2012
I agree jb... Those wheels are sexy!!
Thomas Isnt Green Oct 15, 2012
Lamborghini you out did yourself.Well done
Author Norman R. Colson Oct 15, 2012
Looks clean! Nice.
JB Kolod Oct 15, 2012
Really like the wheels
Description: The updated Gallardo rides on a new set of two-tone 19-inch alloys, and a new Style Package is also available with glossy trim for the exterior. Beyond that, customers can further customize the new Ga...
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Zeus Mocha Oct 15, 2012
The back looks like me when I'm awake all night "bags under eyes" haha
Alex O'Brian Oct 15, 2012
They shoud have at least twist or curve the tail lights ..
Thibault Leroy Oct 15, 2012
Yeah i dont really like those bars
Chris Penza Oct 15, 2012
I'm really not liking that trapezoid
Nick Schnee Oct 15, 2012
vvv Agreed. I always liked the Gallardo more than the other modern Lambos...
Sebastian Grey Oct 15, 2012
This is still my favourite Lamborghini. I just think the Aventador and Reventón are over too over the top.
Elias Harb Oct 15, 2012
Its sexy but no doubt that smthn is off about the rear
Alex Renaud Oct 15, 2012
This is a little busy for my liking.
Stephen Cobbs Oct 15, 2012
The new front and rear bars that go across make it look hideous.
Nick Schnee Oct 15, 2012
The last gen did look cleaner than this, but I suppose it'll grow on me.
Rohil Chauhan Oct 15, 2012
I wouldn't say it's beautiful. It certainly looks astounding though.
Michael Dunn Oct 15, 2012
I don't like the rear
Claudio Komba Oct 15, 2012
Beautifully done.
Blaise Harned Oct 15, 2012
I really like it! Am I the only one who feels like its not Lamborghini-ish though ??
Cody Gillard Nov 23, 2012
To me it looks like a gallardo XD
Carlton Salmon Oct 15, 2012
I can kinda see where you're going with the LFA reference. I'm not a fan of the new diagonal bars but I'm sure it'll grow on me over time...
Sebastian Grey Oct 15, 2012
I really like those exhaust.
William Downs Oct 15, 2012
Not for me it dosnt
Jordan Zucker Oct 15, 2012
Kind of takes from the LFA no?
Alessandro Giol Oct 18, 2012
I think it actually looks quite simple
Charles Pope Oct 16, 2012
too mamy buttons, needs to be simplified like the concept...
Carlton Salmon Oct 15, 2012
@ Sebastian. Agreed. I drove one as a track day present from my then girlfriend and was pretty impressed with the ergonomics and the quality of the interior.
Serge Pankratov Oct 15, 2012
Its pretty much an Audi-inspired interior. And thats not a bad thing at all :)
Sebastian Grey Oct 15, 2012
They are very ergonomic. When I drove one it just felt like everything was in the right place just a hands reach away. It's a very good design.
William Downs Oct 15, 2012
That is a very nice interior
Mohammed Shamma Oct 15, 2012
Thats a nice place to be in.
Trey Villarreal Oct 15, 2012
The lighting makes it quite dramatic.
Sam Biggin Oct 15, 2012
They aren't that special inside