Comments - Jay Leno Reviews Bugatti Vitesse

Published: Oct 15, 2012
Description: When Bugatti unveiled its Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse for the first time in North America at Pebble Beach, it was finished in the same livery as Jay Leno's 1928 Bugatti Type 37A (which was also at...
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Stephen Wood Oct 16, 2012
Haha I just loled at that
Colby Church Oct 15, 2012
It's kinda like the "Crimson Chin" from the fairly odd parents. But with more denim. :)
Colby Church Oct 15, 2012
Lol, the "Denim Chin" I'm gonna start calling him that. Thanks CarBuzz.
Description: The result is 1,200 follicle-stimulating horsepower and 1,106 pound-feet of heart-pounding torque, sans roof to let the monstrous sound in, while running to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds and on to a staggerin...
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Hugo Gunnarsen Nov 06, 2012
Think you are a bit off, it does 0-186 in 14.6s don't think it need another 10.4s for the next 14mph. Also Venom GT is a tuner car, an LS9 engine in a Lotus with a garbage can sized turbo on the side. Btw GT is 15.4s, so they are pretty much the same 0-200 in reality. 15.7s perhaps for the vitesse.
Seth Pettman Oct 16, 2012
Not the prettiest thing but the fact that its comfortable for dd might sway my vote. Although I've always been a sucker for koenigseggs:-)
Redge Diakité Oct 16, 2012
No Alex there's a emergency "roof" in the trunk who pops like an umbrella and your speed is limited to 160km/h ;)
Brandon Carr Oct 15, 2012
That's not acceleration, it's teleportation!
Carlton Salmon Oct 15, 2012
@ Thibault. I agree with you mate but if it were my $2m shelling out on a hypercar, I think I'd probably be more tempted towards the purchase of a Koenigsegg Agera R. Could be swayed either way. Be nice to have that difficult choice though...
Thibault Leroy Oct 15, 2012
This car is amazing ive always loved the veyron
Ryan Rainville Oct 15, 2012
Your never going to go near there too speeds anyway
Ryan Rainville Oct 15, 2012
Equal awe of all of these 1000 hp plus cars however the one if I had the money my choice would be either the aggera r or the venom gt
Ryan Rainville Oct 15, 2012
All of the 1000+ hp cars have the same level of technology and they are all otherworldly fast just because one has a 250 mph top speed the other has 260 and there's ones theoretically capable of 275 doesn't make one better then the other I'm in equa
Kwesi Desmond Prempeh Oct 15, 2012
Venom maybe faster( in the right hands). However, the fact that the Bugatti becomes a daily driver; with the comfort levels of an S class speaks volumes. Aesthetics is always going to be subjective. I wouldn't kick it out of bed!!!lol
Redge Diakité Oct 15, 2012
I just like this car and THE sound of THE W16 is just WOOOW in real and THE wastegates too :D
David Justice Oct 15, 2012
I don't mind being odd man out: I like the Veyron!
Nick Schnee Oct 15, 2012
That's why I'd get an Agera R instead of the Veyron if I had the cash.
Colby Church Oct 15, 2012
Bugatti should've just ditched the Gayron after a few years, used the same chassis, and designed a better looking car, instead of the super beetle.
Colby Church Oct 15, 2012
And as far as it being the "most technological and fastest car" I disagree. As far as technology is concerned, I wouldn't be surprised if the ATS-V that comes out has more than the Vitesse. Seriously. Cadillac is ballin right now. Lol
Colby Church Oct 15, 2012
Venom GT FTW. Ha. The Bugatti is fast, I like it much better than the original, but I have to agree that the styling just doesn't grab me. For $2m it should make my mouth water. Don't get me wrong, it's okay, just not my taste.
Kyle Janchenko Oct 15, 2012
I should admit, however, that I've of course never seen this model. Just the standard one at a car show.
Kyle Janchenko Oct 15, 2012
I really think this is an "in person" type of car. In pictures I'm not impressed, but in person this thing looks like a land missile... It's a pretty intimidating car then.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Oct 15, 2012
I wonder how long ago this video came out because in terms of acceleration the Venom GT does 0-200 mph in 15 sec as apposed to the Vittesse's 25
Alex Renaud Oct 15, 2012
After however long these have been around, their styling still hasn't grown on me and it is likely that it never will.
Isaiah Mosby Jones Oct 31, 2013
The guy sitten next jay looks annoyed
Nolan Treptau May 26, 2013
It is like a Bugatti
Nolan Treptau May 26, 2013
That is an epic car
Davidia Romozzi Feb 18, 2013
I,v driven this car recently and let me tell you,if your house was big I would make an extra room in my house just for the car she is hot
Davidia Romozzi Feb 18, 2013
Driven one when driving this car it becomes part of you,you can,t but drive it all day
Moe Albadri Jan 10, 2013
Nice not too bad.. I'll buy one for my son on his first birthday this 19
Ekhraj Dhaliwal Dec 29, 2012
Seen one in real life so awesome
Ekhraj Dhaliwal Dec 29, 2012
So sexy it's da best
Lead Peddalin Oct 16, 2012
Amazing car. Love it.
Edgar Malave Oct 16, 2012
That is a beautiful car! 1200 HP wouldn't be bad either.
William Downs Oct 16, 2012
And even when he does its already set up to become a public museum, learn your stuff before u call people out on things they were actually rite about in the first place
William Downs Oct 16, 2012
@austin maybe u should take your own advice... Leno didnt sell his collection, if your refferig to him selling it to the Arab your even dumber cause that was an April fools joke.. Leno already state he is never gonna sell the collection
Dillon Dixon Oct 15, 2012
This car is gorgeous in this color. I would love to own this exact car!
Pagani Gtr Oct 15, 2012
Thanks you austin
Devin Babyn Oct 15, 2012
He puts out a brand new video almost every week with his collection in the background, like in this video. So no his collection isn't sold
Cody Gillard Oct 15, 2012
Never liked buggati thought that they made bad looking cars but this this i like
Austin Sullivan Oct 15, 2012
@Brandon, he's right. You should look it up before you call him out. Now you look dumb.
Morgan Marcella Oct 15, 2012
Notice the car behind the veyron, what is it?
Nawaf Alrashed Oct 15, 2012
Can't say anything :''(
Thibault Leroy Oct 15, 2012
Simply beautiful
Pagani Gtr Oct 15, 2012
Leno just sold his car collection for around 1 billion dollars. He is starting fresh.
Pablo Herasme Oct 15, 2012
Noah Gavurin Oct 15, 2012
@jack, thats because leno has one of the largest car collections in the world
Brian Johnston Oct 15, 2012
I definitely wouldn't call it stupid. It's easily one of the greatest supercars ever made. I don't think it's very attractive either. But the performance is amazing.
Zach ComptonAss Gathercole Oct 15, 2012
The veyron is ugly and its stupid but this one isnt bad
Justin Brest Oct 15, 2012
I've always liked these.
Chris Andrews Oct 15, 2012
I personally thought the veyron was sooo ugly It could never grow on me but it actually has
Jordan Jackson Oct 15, 2012
Is it just me or have these things gotten uglier and uglier with every new special edition and model year?
Jack Higgins Oct 15, 2012
I know Jay Leno is rich and famous... But hes on at least ONE topic each week!
Mohammed Shamma Oct 15, 2012
If i can ever afford buying this car ill just park it in the garage and stare at it day n night
Bruno Rocha Nov 22, 2012
I would take the old one
Morgan Marcella Oct 15, 2012
I love old cars better than new ones.
Thibault Leroy Oct 15, 2012
I always love to see old cars with their newer counterpart
Alex O'Brian Oct 15, 2012
Old one looks better. New one looks like a sheep.