Comments - Ford Follows Mini Out of WRC

Published: Oct 15, 2012
Description: Yesterday's news that BMW had withdrawn its Mini division from the World Rally Championship came as little surprise, lackluster as the program has been for the Anglo-Saxon automaker. Today's...
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Chris Gracia Jul 10, 2013
That sucks. Hope this sport doesn't die out. Most difficult Motorsport IMO.
Kyle Kloewer Oct 17, 2012
Well just cuz they're out doesn't mean they would be in it. Just fed wont supply them with cars is all
Constantin Jacob Oct 17, 2012
They're out and VW is starting with a Polo? This sport just died
Jason Brown Oct 16, 2012
Shelby, have you been to a NASCAR race and the pre-race events? If you have, then you will know it survives...
Bryan Wesly Pascual Oct 16, 2012
Oh great, Hyundai might dominate! Please dont let that happen.
William Downs Oct 16, 2012
Ford stopped backing the teams, the company that actually build the fiesta and races them are still gonna be racing for a couple years, fords just not supplying the money anymore
Bill Estep Jr Oct 16, 2012
Isn't or didn't ford jus make a huge financial gain when they introduced that insane fiesta wit ken block n they even have that one series on YouTube called life in the fast lane
David Justice Oct 15, 2012
I wonder the same thing Shelby.
Josh Banning Oct 15, 2012
Why Anglo Saxon? It should be Anglo German. Anglo Saxon is completely different.
Malachi Monteiro Oct 15, 2012
Damn, I was Remember the work mini put into it for it's WRC debut, and now, it is dead
Shelby Cassandra Oct 15, 2012
Why does NASCAR survive and this can't? I would think that WRC would be popular.
Nick Benz Oct 16, 2012
This is sad. Its because WRC isnt as popular as F1 and nascar. Personally id rather watch rally cars fly through the woods than a bunch of huge tubs go fast and turn left.
Josh Banning Oct 15, 2012
Don't see why they would seeing ad he's not very good
Anthony Calderaro Oct 15, 2012
Maybe Citreon will pick up block now that leob is gone
Tanton Stoneman Oct 15, 2012
Mini pulling out doesn't surprise me, but Ford?!
Description: That does not mean, however, that there won't be Fords entered in the WRC next season and onwards. M-Sport, the company that ran Ford's rally team to the effect of 52 wins and two manufactur...
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William Downs Oct 16, 2012
Again read the article, ford just isn't backing the teams any more, teams that wanna still race the fiesta can, just ford won't be picking up the bill for the cars.
Bill Estep Jr Oct 16, 2012
This car wood be awesome street legal n without them flashy stickers. flooded streets are my favorite hope ur walking past
Austin Jackson Oct 15, 2012
What about Faust that is his big thing
Nick Benz Oct 16, 2012
Whats weird is that little mirror. Its so far back
Jason Brower Oct 15, 2012
No, not really. The weight is on that tire, so any slide is going to wear that tire the most, especially if the driver is powering out of the corner.
Quinn Conner Oct 15, 2012
Smoking the outside tire? Weird.
Carlton Salmon Oct 15, 2012
Love the glowing red hot exhaust.