Comments - Audi A1 Ducati Edition

Published: Oct 15, 2012
Description: The Volkswagen Group has been going on a bit of an Italian bender these past few years. It has bought Lamborghini, Bugatti (which it brought back from Italy to its historic home in Alsace), ItalDesign...
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Julian Rasolko Oct 22, 2012
@Chris I agree with you Bugatti is French
Chris Friend Oct 18, 2012
Bugatti isn't Italian. It's French.
Cody Fullerton Oct 16, 2012
I would like it if it just had the band along the bottom. The rest of it, especially the hood, is a little too much
Carlton Salmon Oct 15, 2012
Very tacky way to cheapen the names of both Audi and Ducati.
Giovanni Romano Oct 15, 2012
Whom ever designed the art work needs shooting
Description: Based on the five-door A1 Sportback, this Ducati edition features a red and white livery with tricolore stripes, the Ducati logo on the hood and red and white alloys, mimicking the color scheme champi...
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Stephen Wood Oct 28, 2012
It looks like its made of a candy cane
Lucas Hill Oct 15, 2012
The back is hideous
Giovanni Romano Oct 15, 2012
Boring and looks terrible
Tanton Stoneman Oct 15, 2012
Who ok'd those rear lights, they are godawful. The rest of the standard car looks good though
John Trimborn Oct 16, 2012
I'm no marketing genious, but one would think an s if not an rs would be more appropriate. maybe they are reaching to the entry level, letting them know Audi's are bad ass, even if its just an A1. I would have picked an S3 or TT RS instead.
Steve Sandford Oct 15, 2012
Sorta love how ridiculous this is
Christian De Prisco Oct 15, 2012
Ok way too much
Phaidon Chrisostalis Oct 15, 2012
Don't like those rims