Comments - Mercedes SLS Black Crashes and Burns

Published: Oct 14, 2012
Description: Mercedes' premier performance car we spied lapping the Nurburgring last week has crashed and burned to the ground following an accident on the track's 1.5-mile straightway, locally known as ...
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Brad Hickey Oct 15, 2012
Yeah and if he was in a Honda Odyssey it wouldn't have happened either. Stupid argument.
Josh Kim Oct 15, 2012
Why did this happen?!?!?! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Luke Purdy Oct 14, 2012
so does this mean there will be a delay on the sls black?
Joseph Flieder Oct 14, 2012
I'm just glad it's an sls and not an slr
Andrew Morales Oct 14, 2012
How would it not have happened? Haha that's stupid. Obviously it was driver error
chikenbag Oct 14, 2012
the fact that this happened is very loose butthole
Brock Zager Oct 14, 2012
If he had been in a new M6 doubt this would have happen
Aaron Gorrell Oct 14, 2012
It seems like the Black series models in particular were expressly designed for burnout contests and backend-first crashes, with no thought towards controlling all that power they have on tap. Scary. Must be tight butthole driving this thing!
William Downs Oct 14, 2012
Oh no poor merc... Only Mercedes I feel is worth the money they ask for it and it dies
Cho Dan Oct 14, 2012
Strange, the stocker didn't burn up in the fire.
Colby Church Oct 14, 2012
@Dennis Lol, you are indeed correct.
Dennis Choong Oct 14, 2012
Well... it's certainly black... lol
Avery Williams Oct 14, 2012
Well, glad that the passenger and driver escaped unharmed. Though, I thought they would have burned up since all that's left is the frame.
Zeus Mocha Oct 14, 2012
Probably probably not. Could be mechanical error since it's a test car. Better before production then after. Not saying that anyone deserves do get hurt. Thankful nobody did.
Zachary Maurer Oct 14, 2012
This was posted on motor trend like a week ago
Dylan Bruder Oct 14, 2012
Shew that sucks
Nick Schnee Oct 14, 2012
Man. I was having a good day and then I saw this :/
Description: If nothing else, the SLS proved itself to be a safe machine as well as seriously powerful, with the Black Series model's 6.3-liter V8 expected to be boosted from 563 to 600 horsepower. The produc...
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Jay Kolvenbag Oct 14, 2012
Last time you said it should do 0-60 in 3.5 sec
Bradley Elson Nov 23, 2013
It's a test mule...
Crystal Snyder Oct 15, 2012
The wheels are probably different because someone could only afford two new at a time,happens all the time. This is so sad to see a beautiful car so unloved... Drive your car like ya love it and want it
Serge Pankratov Oct 15, 2012
Anyone have any idea why the wheels are different?
Michael Dunn Oct 15, 2012
The SLS better not turn in to a 458.
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Oct 14, 2012
Gas tank probably exploded, not a good sign
Dylan Bruder Oct 14, 2012
Nope that's probably goin to delay the car too I'd imagine
Author Norman R. Colson Oct 14, 2012
Damn there's nothing left...
Zeus Mocha Oct 14, 2012
RWD, test car so actual rims and tires are probably sitting in back. Also could be to make it look as though its a DR setup.
Matty Michaels Oct 14, 2012
@Ryan, it's a test mule.
Ryan Veitch Oct 14, 2012
What's with the different wheels on front and back? It's a sad moment in life when a great car dies :(
Ryan Veitch Oct 14, 2012
You never know, it might buff out
Trey Villarreal Oct 14, 2012
This is not what I mean by wanting to see a burnout.
Andrew Wright Oct 15, 2012
It's so the driver isn't trapped
Bill Estep Jr Oct 15, 2012
If the car is on its roof too long sensor literally pop'sthe doors off pretty cool
Nick Benz Oct 15, 2012
Wait what? The doors come off if it rolls? That doesnt seem very safe.
Andrew Wright Oct 15, 2012
Only if it rolls
Vince Cassi Oct 15, 2012
I thought the doors were supposed to explode off the car.