Comments - Japanese Students Build World's Lowest Car

Published: Oct 14, 2012
Description: We're always being reminded how the children are our future, and if this work of automotive engineering is anything to go by, then the ageing Japanese populous should be in good hands. Constructe...
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Description: The Mirai took over a year to complete. The motors, control mechanisms and the car's six main batteries were taken from a "Q-car" built by CQ motors. The switching console is from a mot...
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Matthew Michael Gamez Oct 14, 2012
Also the first car to lap the 'Ring in under 7 minutes
Janak Solanki Oct 14, 2012
That is dope!! Looks like Mario Kart. Take my money now!
Austin Friend Oct 14, 2012
They built a go-kart because I'll bet you anything it doesn't meet the requirements to be a road worthy car
Mark Dawley Oct 15, 2012
Shouldn't he be wearing a fez and be in a parade?
Zach Pate Oct 14, 2012
My s14 is lower. :p
Cody Gillard Oct 14, 2012
What would be the first thing i would do if i had this oh i know drive under semi trucks
Taylor Garry Oct 14, 2012
I cant take my eyes off the ruined bumper on the land cruiser
Victor Pitts Oct 14, 2012
Japan just trolls super hard.
Jordan Jackson Oct 14, 2012
Good luck with potholes, speed bumps, and kids on skateboards looking for a ramp, lol
Daniel Eads Oct 14, 2012
Haha such a great picture!
Darian Vorlick Oct 14, 2012
This makes me rather proud of my people (being half Japanese)
Cody Gillard Oct 14, 2012
Lol i love this picture so funny look at their facesXD
Description: "It can be frightening to drive Mirai on a big street, especially when the speed goes over 40km/h because the road is very close to the driver's eye point," notes Harada Kazunari, P...
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Besim Hojhalli Oct 14, 2012
Its hella slammed Lol
Dillon Dixon Oct 14, 2012
Pretty well designed for what it is. Looks like the ultimate go kart!
Michael Davidson Oct 15, 2012
Good thing you could just drive right under a semi. Haha
Guo-Sheng Huang Oct 15, 2012
Except he can't take ladies home in that car.
Cody Gillard Oct 14, 2012
That guy in the yellow car looks as if he has all the ladies
Chris Johnson Oct 14, 2012
Imagine hitting a speed bump...
Cody Gillard Oct 14, 2012
I bet you its very dangerous
Nick Schnee Oct 14, 2012
Must be very comfortable for long journeys. And very safe. I bet a truck driver wouldn't even see you in that car.
Michael Davidson Oct 15, 2012
Maybe not that semi.