Posted on: Oct 13, 2012
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World's Fastest Baby Carriage Hits 30 MPH

Witness one man's quest to build something no one ever thought was needed.
From the lunatic who brought us the world's fastest motorized scooter drifting on snow and other life-threatening mechanized experiments comes the world's fastest motorized baby carriage (or pram if you're a poncey Brit). Built and presented by Colin Furze, this homemade stroller has 10 horsepower, four gears and can easily make 30 miles per hour, though Furze says that he thinks he can get an additional 20 mph out of it. Hey. everyone has to have a hobby, right? As long as he doesn't actually put a baby in there.
Having recently become a father, Furze decided that the world needed something like this, and though we're not sure anyone was asking, we still applaud the idea. Coming up on October 14th, Furze plans to take his latest mechanical concoction to the Shakespeare County Raceway drag strip with that 50 mph goal in his sights.

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by Jay Traugott
World's Fastest Baby Carriage Hits 30 MPH