Comments - BRZ and Zonda to Star in 'Fast and Furious 6'

Published: Oct 13, 2012
Description: In what was likely to happen sooner or later with at least one of the Toyota/Scion/Subaru sportscar triplets, Subaru has recently made a deal for its BRZ to appear in the upcoming sixth instal...
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Treston Ott Oct 13, 2012
Idk about motor work. In fast and the furious four they gave the production crew 5 wrx sti's and they said the they didn't even have to do anything to the engine because it was already good enough
Christian De Prisco Oct 13, 2012
And a lot of crashing too
Brady Fereday Oct 13, 2012
And hopefully motor work lol
Kyle Kloewer Oct 17, 2012
You mean toyota
Morgan Marcella Oct 15, 2012
It looks awesome, well done Subaru.
Tim Preisinger Oct 14, 2012
Not really my thing, but I saw one at a dealer and I have to admit, it looked pretty cool
William Downs Oct 13, 2012
Only suspension difference is a softer rebound setting on the Subaru and a stiffer one on the scion/Toyota
Devin Babyn Oct 13, 2012
I don't know about the BRZ but from what I've heard the FRS has more of a drift setup then hard cornering
Dante Solis Oct 13, 2012
Sexyest car ever!!
Zach Sullivan Oct 13, 2012
yea u can have the spoiler on the frs but as far as interrupt goes u can have almost everything the subaru as an option the brz just comes standard with more and yes may be a bit better quality as well also the from what I've herd them subies suspension settings r set more towards grip and the frs allows for more rear movement someone please correct me if I'm wrong
William Downs Oct 13, 2012
It's an option u have to order and wait for cause they don't install them unless u order it, atleast that's what the dealer said, I've seen one frs with it on, was a orange one
Devin Babyn Oct 13, 2012
Never seen one on an FRS before. Nor have I heard of it being an option
William Downs Oct 13, 2012
@devin that spoiler is only on the premium edition and is optional on the frs, and yes they have different rebound settings
Devin Babyn Oct 13, 2012
Oh yeah forgot about that. Doubt it's even noticeable unless you're pushing the limits
Cooper Branham Oct 13, 2012
Also the suspension is slightly different
Devin Babyn Oct 13, 2012
The only difference between the two is Suburu has a little spoiler and a damn ugly front bumper, hate it's front end. Yes the interior is better but i don't care about that
William Downs Oct 13, 2012
Damn straight, I like the frs but I think the brz looks tons better, but I'm biased towards subaru
John Serely Oct 13, 2012
No Brian. It's both lol. It's as much a suburu as it is a Toyota. I like the BRZ much, much better than the frs
Brian Johnston Oct 13, 2012
What? Still a Toyota. It just has a different badge.
Nick Schnee Oct 13, 2012
At least it's a Subaru, not a Toyota :P
Description: More importantly, however, is whether it'll receive a power upgrade via a turbocharger. Motor Trend further claims that there's some Hollywood buzz going around that the film's headline...
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Alen Robert Oct 15, 2012
The gtr you have in your picture is a nismo tuned gtr, which are ridiculously rare, just thought I out to call you out on your bullshit
Alen Robert Oct 15, 2012
@dhurv why do lie about having a gtr, I would think someone with enough money to have had a rug, a bmw x6, and a gtr would have at least more than 12 Facebook friends( type his name in and look for the white gtr) and by the way, you do realize that
Theviper007 Oct 13, 2012
@joel brz could have won the worlds greatest drag race and i agree it is better XD
Michael Nascimento Oct 13, 2012
Yeah, the last zonda for the fifth time. The next last zonda will be out next year, the Zonda RGTS! :S
Thibault Leroy Oct 13, 2012
So now is this the LAST zonda? XD
Pablo Herasme Oct 13, 2012
@Wyatt your not funny
Wyatt Gordon Oct 13, 2012
dhruv, no because that would blind anyone who sees it
David Justice Oct 13, 2012
...and it's last Zonda to be made.
Mark Donnelly Oct 13, 2012
dogra i bet if u lend them yer gtr they might put it in
omarSV Oct 13, 2012
lol lets just hope youre kidding. Its about time italian exotics made a proper appearance in these movies, id love one dedicated to exotic supercars, imagine the characters driving aventadors, 458's, GT2RS's, veyrons etc enough focus on modified japanese cars. :)
Joel Hope Oct 13, 2012
We all know the brz is better than any zonda XD
Sam Biggin Oct 14, 2012
They should cruise around in old jaguars would e far cooler
Guo-Sheng Huang Oct 13, 2012
I wonder how much Subaru paid to have BRZ co-star with the Pagani.
Joseph Flieder Oct 13, 2012
Hey I'm secure enough in my man hood plus it was a crack at an earlier comment
Kevin Watson Oct 13, 2012
Vin's dreamyJoesph? Ok.....
Joseph Flieder Oct 13, 2012
I'm with you ( Vin Diesel is dreamy) FF is about illegally modded sports cars.
Lance Vincent Aug 07, 2013
Carbon Fiber body
William Downs Oct 14, 2012
Yea like the lfa in the end of fast five... That lucky bastard
Tanner Middleton Oct 14, 2012
if a zonda is in the movie, i bet you any money says theyre just gonna be drivin it down a highway with barly any traffic or down a runway
Tim Preisinger Oct 14, 2012
Lol@Herberts comment
William Downs Oct 14, 2012
There are tracks u can go to and u can request a special pass but they have time limits on how long u can drive the track
Herbert Beltran Oct 14, 2012
In and out of your driveway to attract the whole neighborhpod and show off how much money you have.
Brady Fereday Oct 14, 2012
So when can you drive it than 0_0
Devin Babyn Oct 13, 2012
Well I sat down for dinner and put Top Gear on and guess what it's the episode where Clarkson drives the Zonda R and says it's to loud for most tracks haha
Devin Babyn Oct 13, 2012
That has to be one of the dumbest rules i have ever heard of
William Downs Oct 13, 2012
@ devin, because every race track has a noise level limit, and the zonda r exceeds almost every tracks limit, luckily the nurburgring is one of them
Michael Nascimento Oct 13, 2012
Itll probably just be sort of a cameo. Like in fast five, with the 911 Gt3 RS or the Nissan 370z. They made small cameos, the zonda probably will too.
Eric Anthony Oct 13, 2012
It's just not, atleast tha zonda r isnt, & that looks exactly like tha r except no decals
Devin Babyn Oct 13, 2012
How can it not be track legal?
Cody Gillard Oct 13, 2012
Too bad its not street or track legal
Dylan Knapp Oct 13, 2012
Absolutely stunning
Joseph Flieder Oct 13, 2012
I'm with William FF is about dirty gritty racing, the Zonda is like pass the hot and spicy Grey Poupon.
Majed Ameeri Oct 13, 2012
Luckily they can't crash a zonda only make us imagine they did
William Downs Oct 13, 2012
That zonda shouldn't be in a fast and furious movie, just... Not where a zonda belongs
Colin Dzendolet Oct 13, 2012
if they crash this car, I'm gonna burn down Hollywood
Guo-Sheng Huang Oct 13, 2012
I don't think Zonda and BRZ should be in the same movie.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Oct 13, 2012
Wow this is just so ridiculously fun to look at. Definitely top 3 best looking modern sports car.
Zeus Mocha Oct 13, 2012
Put this in the movie. I dare you :D
omarSV Oct 13, 2012
lol i highly doubt it will feature a zonda R, its not even road legal (although illegal activities is what the movie is all about!). :)
Theviper007 Oct 13, 2012
Brz would smoke this thing (pure sarchasim)
Joseph Flieder Oct 13, 2012
Not for long if he keeps racing the way he is, especially after moving to a slower team.
Rohil Chauhan Oct 13, 2012
And Lewis Hamilton has a carbon fibre zonda...
Rohil Chauhan Oct 13, 2012
So some of this movie will be shot in London. A carbon fibre zonda will feature in it.