Comments - BMW 3 GT Spied in Light Camo

Published: Oct 13, 2012
Description: Whether BMW calls it a 3 Series GT or award the car a 4 Series moniker is as yet unclear. What we do know, however, is that this is what will look like. Essentially a scaled-down 3 Series variant of t...
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Sam Shikora Oct 13, 2012
4 series will be the coupe, not the gran turismo
Darren Andrews Oct 13, 2012
It'll be 4 series for your ref
Joe Criscione Oct 14, 2012
Mmmm I love some good tripodding!
rossi46 Oct 14, 2012
the 5 gt is horrible, hardley ever see them in u.k
Geoff Novak Oct 14, 2012
Sooo live axels and independant rear suspension i assume? Thats sum serious air haha
Christian De Prisco Oct 13, 2012
Whaaaaat is that?!
Brady Fereday Oct 13, 2012
Ya I didn't know newer cars would do that anymore xD
Description: Drivetrains will be shared with the normal 3er lineup - in the US that equates to a pair of naturally-aspirated and turbocharged four- and six-cylinder units. A six-speed manual will come as standard ...
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Timothy Hooker Oct 13, 2012
looks a bit tall
gunter Oct 13, 2012
all bmw M sports or M performances look muscular compared to audi S lines or mercedes sports.
Taymour Metwalli Oct 13, 2012
Man that looks muscular
Jordan Jackson Oct 13, 2012
Never seen a spoiler before?
Carlton Salmon Oct 14, 2012
Most cars look like that when they're travelling through der Karusell.
Stephen Harry Goldberg Oct 13, 2012
It looks like its going to handle like a boat.