Posted on: Oct 13, 2012
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BMW 3 GT Spied in Light Camo

As BMW continues to strip the 3 Series Gran Turismo of its camouflage, we can only assume the car is close to completion.
Whether BMW calls it a 3 Series GT or award the car a 4 Series moniker is as yet unclear. What we do know, however, is that this is what will look like. Essentially a scaled-down 3 Series variant of the 5er GT, the mid-size Gran Turismo is aimed at buyers looking for a 3 Series but with wagon utility and a fastback shape. The 3GT rides on the longer-wheelbase Chinese version of the 3 Series sedan, which should afford rear seat passengers plenty of room.

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Drivetrains will be shared with the normal 3er lineup - in the US that equates to a pair of naturally-aspirated and turbocharged four- and six-cylinder units. A six-speed manual will come as standard with the option of an eight-speed automatic. If BMW plans to release the 3 Series GT in the US, then the 2013 Detroit Auto Show is where it will most likely debut. If not, we'll be looking for it in Geneva where a smaller 1 Series GT, which previewed in Paris 2012 as the Concept Active Tourer, should also make its debut.

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by Adam Lynton
BMW 3 GT Spied in Light Camo

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