Comments - '59 Ferrari 250 TdF Expected to Fetch $3M in London

Published: Oct 13, 2012
Description: Three million dollars. That's how much this particular Ferrari is projected to fetch at auction when it crosses the block in London later this month. And that's on the low side of the $2.8-3...
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Mohammed Shamma Oct 13, 2012
I can never imagine myself spending 3m$ on such a car maybe cuz i dunno its real value like older people do but still wont
Bobby Junior Oct 13, 2012
Blue words? Or am I the only one who sees this?
Greg Lewis Oct 14, 2012
That is a sexy car! Wow
Jason Brower Oct 13, 2012
I say this with no disrespect, but the lines in the rear remind me of an early pony car in the best of ways. Aggressive beauty.
Craig Lafey Oct 13, 2012
She is a beauty.
Description: Designed as a dual-purpose race and road car back in the day when such homologation was possible, the 250 GT long-wheelbase berlinetta laid the groundwork for the more nimble 250 GT SWB and the legend...
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Dillon Magee Oct 13, 2012
It's amazing how far cars have come. Avalons have about that much power nowadays.
Description: The model got its name from its repeated victories at the Tour de France, a grueling event consisting of six circuit races, two hill-climb events and a drag race. This particular 250 LWB won the event...
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Logan Delony Oct 13, 2012
I love that paint job!
Terrance Parker Oct 13, 2012
Refinished or not this is tastefully done!
Read Mills Oct 13, 2012
That looks like a re-finished interior