Comments - Volkswagen Polo R to Debut in Geneva

Published: Oct 12, 2012
Description: Although it's still several months away, word is already leaking out that Volkswagen is planning to reveal the production version of its Polo R hot hatch at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. The news c...
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Parinya Kak Jan 31, 2013
Alex Medvedev Oct 12, 2012
I would mob that
Yasser Zahabi Oct 12, 2012
What the golf gti should be .. Love it
Description: Expect to see a tuned version of the outgoing Golf GTI's 2.0-liter turbo four under the hood that'll produce somewhere in the neighborhood of 225 horsepower. A mechanical limited-slip differ...
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Graham Browne Oct 13, 2012
LSD being the big improvement.
Quinn Conner Oct 12, 2012
Lol don't hate. Sure you could spend 300 more to tune the GTI or you could take that sane 300 and tune the polo. Haha. Also keep in mind the R line is way more then hp numbers. Better brakes, interior, small trim, AWD maybe, better handling etc..
Description: Since the standard Polo isn't offered in North America, chances are the R version won't either. Fortunately, Hackenberg did confirm that a new Golf R based on the recently revealed seventh-g...
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Roger Guilemany Mortimer Oct 13, 2012
I love that big weels arches.
Ryan Malvey Oct 12, 2012
Yes please, I'll take two
Joseph Flieder Oct 12, 2012
Those are done huge wheel arches 8{0
Alex Medvedev Oct 12, 2012
Girls like it when I hit it sideways
Terrance Parker Oct 12, 2012
Very aggressive looking!!!