Comments - New Focus RS Could Pack 350 HP

Published: Oct 12, 2012
Description: Thanks to Dearborn's "One Ford" global product strategy, US buyers are finally able to get their hands on a number of models that used to be exclusive to Europe, among them the Focus ST...
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Christopher Wright Oct 12, 2012
OMG...I've been very attracted to Ford lately; seriously considering a Taurus for my next ride. This article has not only reinforced that Ford has a hot 2013 lineup, it says it should be amazing in 2014. European/Australian spec Fords in the US? OMFG, ready to go shopping!
John Serely Oct 12, 2012
@brad VW already has 2 in the states, and merc is planning on bringing one...
Tn Ng Oct 12, 2012
Audi has the RS3, BMW has the 135i, VW has the Golf R already.
Brad Henson Oct 12, 2012
Watch Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and VW release their hot hatchbacks after Fords success with focus rs
Brady Fereday Oct 12, 2012
I want that damn RS in the states it would honestly be the only new ford I would buy
Jose Miguel Fernandez Oct 13, 2012
The GTI is European
John Serely Oct 12, 2012
As much as I normally like European cars, I'd take this over a GTI without a doubt
JB Kolod Oct 12, 2012
Such a contemporary design
Description: In a new report coming from PistonHeads, not only is it likely that Ford will indeed bring the next RS Stateside but that it could have up to 350 horsepower - nearly 100 more ponies than the ST. Accor...
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Owen Tiernan Oct 15, 2012
Sorry I meant an electronic diff. Not mechanical.
Owen Tiernan Oct 15, 2012
@Joe Ford already had 350hp in their limited edition Focus RS 500 models. They handled awesome as Ford had designed a new mechanical differential that could handle the power
Jacob Viiper McCord Oct 14, 2012
@Joe Not if you know how to drive a car with that power.
Joe Lamouk Oct 14, 2012
350hp is too much for a FWD car imo. The front wheels won't be able to handle power & steering.
Shelby Cassandra Oct 12, 2012
That much power in a focus would be wicked!
Patrick Schalk Oct 12, 2012
They could, but it could cost a ridiculous amount of money and serve absolutely no purpose whatsoever for them to do that.
Paul Dickey Oct 12, 2012
That would make no sense.
JB Kolod Oct 12, 2012
Would like it if ford sold a focus faster than their mustangs
Description: The reason? Urwin believes that engine could be upped only by an additional 50 hp, but that could be a bit problematic because the turbocharger that would be needed would be so large that the lag woul...
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Sasa Jungic Oct 14, 2012
It has enough power. Try to weight it down instead
Jackson Bond Oct 12, 2012
I love fords, ( not the mustangs, but the rallyesque cars ) but fwd is crap, I'd take out a loan and buy it today if it was awd
Shelby Cassandra Oct 12, 2012
@Brady. That would be awesome! Although it would be a bit much in a focus.
Matt Piccolo Oct 12, 2012
350hp to the front wheels? Have fun with that the current one with 305 is pushing it
Brady Fereday Oct 12, 2012
It would be sweet if they twin charged these as in a super charger for the low end and a turbo for the high end no big ass turbo needed :D
Sam Oglesby Oct 12, 2012
Well I think I might just buy the mk1 focus rs instead. Who wants a mk3 rs 5 door with 350 hp and still fwd not me
thelornin Oct 12, 2012
Id rather have the golf R if its fwd cause if you put 350 hp in fwd it probably vil understeer if they dont have something genius in storage
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Oct 12, 2012
Yea I agree that's too much on the front wheels, if it's not RWD then make it AWD (I never did like fast FWD cars)
Justin McLeod Oct 12, 2012
I dont want another turbo 4banger, what was so appealing about the last RS is the inline 5, it was different. Sure there are other cars out the with inline 5s but the hot hatch market is dominated by turbo 4s. I guess I'd just prefer NA odd cylinders
Boyd Boudreaux Oct 12, 2012
Impressive numbers for a 4 banger lite engine lite car this will find it's way in lite track cars
Joe Talerico Oct 12, 2012
350hp on a front drive?? Come on, at least give us AWD.
Tyler Wallace Feb 11, 2013
I hope they don't make it FWD
prodrag Oct 13, 2012
lets pray they keep it a two door like this one. NO FOOR DOOR FORD!!!!
Facundo Planas Martinelli Oct 12, 2012
I had the chance to own one (There was a limited Edition of 100 RS's here in Mexico and I can tell you it is by far the best hot-hatch Ive ever had. No torque steer and no problem with the fwd thanks to Ford's Revo Knuckle system.
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Oct 12, 2012
Looks good, but not a fan of FWD cars, I would rather the MITSUBISHI LANCER EVOLUTION X
Tanton Stoneman Oct 12, 2012
The last RS had a Volvo 5 cylinder engine. Turbocharged of course!
Edgar Jauregui Oct 12, 2012
my cousin's boyfriend has one of these. i rode shotgun in a track with him, it's a beast and he didn't complain about torque steer or anything.
Zaire Wilkins Oct 12, 2012
this has one of the best sounding 4cy engines in the world next up subaru boxer 4's
Brian Johnston Oct 12, 2012
An American car company that won't offer there lower end proformance cars in the states. Why????
Brady Fereday Oct 12, 2012
I would rock this hatch in a heart beat
Stephen Tyler Learn Oct 12, 2012
This is the best hot hatch but not the best car for the money once you factor in the cost of importing one
Thomas Mackey Oct 12, 2012
@Justin you would be wrong. This is the best hot hatch. Well worth the money.
Joe Ongoco Oct 12, 2012
Will the new RS be based on the styling of the current RS if so please NOOO; the current RS styling is attractive! If they are going change it just dont base it on the ST plzzzz!
Carlos Matos Oct 12, 2012
This is the only ford I would buy!
Justin McLeod Oct 12, 2012
No you wouldn't, cus I you had that kind of money you'd just buy something better
Stephen Cobbs Oct 12, 2012
If I had the money I would import this in a second
Jacob J Mills Nov 11, 2012
@Brandon the R in RS stands for rally and the S stands for sport -_-
Kevin Carlin Oct 13, 2012
How is that ricey?
Nick Benz Oct 13, 2012
Its a little ricey for my taste
Logan Delony Oct 12, 2012
I love the entire rear set-up!
Aj White Oct 13, 2012
Like the exhaust
Brady Fereday Oct 12, 2012
I like it too and I'm not really a fan of yellow cars
Boyd Boudreaux Oct 12, 2012
Love that color