Comments - Mercedes Preparing New E63 AMG

Published: Oct 12, 2012
Description: As the 2013 E-Class range hits the showrooms, Mercedes is working on the 2014 model year, which is expected to receive some major changes. The E63 AMG performance flagship model has been spied lapping...
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Description: Oversized wheels and tires and beefy side sills also give it away, while other new E-Class features the E63 AMG will adopt include a more upright standing grille and a new hood. Minimal changes are ex...
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Ian Demroff Nov 01, 2012
It wont get to 560 merc focuses on more of the luxury until U get with the coupes their "high performance Sedans" are powerful But the feel of the driving experience of the amg wont touch a M
Sasa Jungic Oct 14, 2012
I hope it's more powerful than M5.. In the tradition of the old 5,4l kompressor
Tifa Morsi Oct 13, 2012
This car is almost going the touch the 600 Horses
Description: This will include advanced camera monitoring systems in the front bumper, used for enhanced pedestrian and animal detection as well as adjusting the suspension to suit the undulations of the road ahea...
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Ian Demroff Nov 01, 2012
Two door..i agree
Ceyda Deniz Gurler Oct 13, 2012
For the bussiness men in a hurry!!
Avery Williams Oct 12, 2012
I think they already do.
Nick Schnee Oct 12, 2012
They should do a two door version of this.
Ian Demroff Nov 01, 2012
Yea i see that too
Dennis Choong Oct 13, 2012
Rear wheel arc looks smaller than the front