Comments - Leno Hosts the Boss of All Mustangs

Published: Oct 12, 2012
Description: The American talkshow host we like to call the Denim Chin recently left his garage in LA for a trip to Japan to drive a handful of rare Nipponese sportscars. Now that he's back Stateside, though,...
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Jörgen Nilsson Nov 13, 2012
Nippon is the word in japanese for Japan.
Devin Babyn Oct 12, 2012
Well I'm guessing its what they call themselves and where nipper/nip comes from
Shelby Cassandra Oct 12, 2012
Probably something to do with Japanese culture. Don't quote me on that though.
Brady Fereday Oct 12, 2012
What the hell is a Nipponies 0-0
Description: In scoping out the Boss, Leno was joined by the Mustang program's chief engineer Dave Pericak, who took him through the finer points of the hardcore Stang before letting him take it out for a spi...
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James Campbell Oct 26, 2012
At 13:00 you can see the camera crew in the reflection of the paint. It's a blue ZO6.
David Justice Oct 13, 2012
I'll take that Shogun!
Carlton Salmon Oct 12, 2012
@ Johnny. It looks like a R35 GT-R, especially if you look at the shape and detailing of the front wing.
Miguel Jimenez Oct 12, 2012
@Author and they're all manuals lol!
Author Norman R. Colson Oct 12, 2012
That a nice whip...
Dillon Dixon Oct 12, 2012
Oh my gosh! That GT350! If I owned the GT350, 427 cobra, and that ford gt I wouldn't ever need another car.
Erik Rudolph Oct 12, 2012
Do u mean the Shelby gt350?
Miguel Jimenez Oct 13, 2012
@Matty naturally aspirated for me.
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Oct 13, 2012
Honestly 444hp is more than enough power in the streets, more than that is just asking for trouble
Matty Michaels Oct 12, 2012
@Miguel Z06 with twin turbos
Tim Preisinger Oct 12, 2012
I would Go for the ZR1 over the z06. All depends what you look for in a car.
Devin Babyn Oct 12, 2012
Haha and I'd take the Z06 over the ZR1 to. Cornering fast is definitely more of a plus then straight line speed
Miguel Jimenez Oct 12, 2012
I have a better one. That's like choosing a Z06 over a ZR1, which I would do. I, like Devin would take the Boss over the GT500.
David Parenti Oct 12, 2012
Like Jay said. The Shelby has lots of power and that's pretty cool, but the Boss' throttle is more crisp and responsive. That to me makes a car more fun to drive.
David Parenti Oct 12, 2012
I'll take the boss, not only because I'm partial to it cuz my dad drives one. But because its safer on my wallet! If I wanted to buy new underwear weekly, I'd buy the Shelby.
Devin Babyn Oct 12, 2012
Nate that comparison is idiotic. I'd take the BOSS because I'd have more fun with it due to my surroundings. How is that a compromise?
Shelby Cassandra Oct 12, 2012
@Nata. Not even the same thing. It'd be like comparing the California to the 458 if that makes sense.
Nate Mata Oct 12, 2012
That's like saying il take the smart car over the Ferrari because I don't live in an open area...?
Devin Babyn Oct 12, 2012
I'm in the same boat as William. Not much for open roads around me but there's a hell of a lot of twisty roads to have fun in that boss with
William Downs Oct 12, 2012
If i lived in a more open area the gt500 would be great but where I live those 600+ horses would just go to waste
Tim Preisinger Oct 12, 2012
William, I would personally have to go the other way and take the Shelby over the boss. I'm more of a drag race guy and there are no tracks around me where I could enjoy the boss. But I think everyone could agree they are both awesome cars.
John Serely Oct 12, 2012
@matt what huyandai ads?...
William Downs Oct 12, 2012
I'd take a boss over the Shelby anyday, I have no use for 600hp in a daily driver with bad brakes, I want balance not gobs of unusable power
Matt Piccolo Oct 12, 2012
Ok it's been one day and these Hyundai adds are already getting on my nerve... They're just pointless to have here
David Parenti Oct 12, 2012
Love those wheels on the car. Perfect color combo.