Comments - Ferrari F70 to Debut in Detroit

Published: Oct 12, 2012
Description: Having previewed the Enzo successor's carbon-fiber tub at the Paris Motor Show, it appears Ferrari's most powerful road car to date will make its public debut at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show i...
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Jon Ashley Oct 15, 2012
Super excited. Going to detroit auto show in January. Cant Wait!!!!
Owen Tiernan Oct 15, 2012
From the way history has been... Every time Ferrari releases a new flagship car they really raise the bar. I wouldn't be surprised if this beats the P1
Brennan Taylor Oct 13, 2012
Mclaren would smoke that thing
Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Oct 13, 2012
Can't wait to see this race the Maclaren P1
Omair Lukmani Oct 13, 2012
Yup, this would happen...Been going to every Detroit auto show and just moved from Detroit to California this year..just my luck...
Zack Hickman Oct 12, 2012
Last year they had a separate section that was like $500 a ticket with the expensive and exotic cars so I wonder if it will be part of that.
Ryan Heetderks Oct 12, 2012
Haha ya! It's 40 mins away from my place, definitely taking the day off school to go.
Zachary Maurer Oct 12, 2012
@john, lol sorry you can't, you could just buy a plane ticket though, lol, it probably won't be much though, last years was full of hybrid crap
Joshua Oct 12, 2012
I want to go...
John Serely Oct 12, 2012
@zachaury I'm jealous...I wish I could go
Shelby Cassandra Oct 12, 2012
Was Ferrari even there last year? I don't remember them them even showing up at NAIAS. And it seems odd that they would debut it in Detroit (not that I'm complaining because I'll be there).
Zachary Maurer Oct 12, 2012
@mike, really, cool me too
Mike Ralsh Oct 12, 2012
Half an hour from my house. Definitely going!
Dylan Bruder Oct 12, 2012
I don't have the poll either I think it doesnt like us lol
Logan Delony Oct 12, 2012
It's at the last page
Zeus Mocha Oct 12, 2012
Woo I'll be durrrr but only for press day. Too many people when it's open to public.
Zachary Maurer Oct 12, 2012
Yes!!!! I'll be there!
Nick Smith Oct 12, 2012
Or they TSA style search them and nobody gets in with their phone or camera
Das Stig Oct 12, 2012
If theres people seeing it before theres a good chance there will be leaked pictures
Charlie Stratton Oct 15, 2012
it looks horrible
Cody Gillard Oct 14, 2012
Ferrari is going into a good direction with its design philosophy now dont ruin it by debuting this
Cody Gillard Oct 14, 2012
Please dont debut this
Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Oct 13, 2012
This is the only Ferrari I don't like.
David Liebe Hart Oct 13, 2012
I hope it doesn't look like this, I really do
drew Oct 13, 2012
the front looks like a zonda
Michael Davidson Oct 12, 2012
It looks like a sweet Hot Wheels car. Haha
Zach Sullivan Oct 12, 2012
and to be honest I don't recall any ferrari that I liked upon first sight but they have a way of growing on me
Zach Sullivan Oct 12, 2012
I'm with josh besides u can't see the outside while ur driving anyway
Joshua Oct 12, 2012
Just like the mightiest Enzo did
Joshua Oct 12, 2012
It will grow on true automotive engineering fans
Author Norman R. Colson Oct 12, 2012
It looks short...
Louis Marr Oct 12, 2012
if it looks like this I would definitely like it
Roger Guilemany Mortimer Oct 12, 2012
It's probably one of the best cars in the world, but why do they made it that ugly?
Edmond Gebara Oct 12, 2012
Not too sure Edgar, for the most part yes but I mean look at the Enzo...
Edgar Jauregui Oct 12, 2012
Ferrari has excellent taste, I'm sure it'll be gorgeous.
William Downs Oct 12, 2012
Don't matter it's still ugly
John Jenkins Oct 12, 2012
too many huge holes
Logan Delony Oct 12, 2012
Now, where did I put that car-sized paper bag? Lol
Ben Wright Oct 12, 2012
God I hope that's not it. That looks horrendous.
Will Revene Oct 12, 2012
That vent looks like it fell over and should be standing up.
Clay Williams Oct 12, 2012
I like the over all look but the back is to wide.
Description: Due to the added weight of the F1-style KERS hybrid system, it was essential to cut weight from the chassis, something Ferrari achieved by utilizing its F1 molding techniques that create lighter struc...
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Emil Creed Kleijsen Oct 15, 2012
so basically, this is a F1 car for the road?
Michael Davidson Oct 12, 2012
I'm sure they don't want to use the hybrid system, but emission standards are getting very strict these days.
Joshua Oct 12, 2012
Brutal... Ferrari I love you
Ty Schuring Oct 12, 2012
Like Kers in f1?
Johnny Bonanni Oct 12, 2012
I believe in engineering terms, the stiffness and the rigidity of the material are two different parameters that are looked at though, dont quote me on that lol but i think thats why they included both in the description
Brad Henson Oct 12, 2012
Stiff and rigid mean the same thing. They are synonyms.
Jonathan Gomez Oct 12, 2012
That's the only way hybrid systems should be used
Description: In order to maximize power and torque, the new V12 features multi-spark mixture ignition (a development pioneered by sister-company Fiat Powertrain Development) and continuously variable-length inlet ...
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Owen Tiernan Oct 15, 2012
The 288 GTO had all the right curves. Its timeless.
Dylan Bruder Oct 12, 2012
Gotcha thanks bud
Tin Nguyen Oct 12, 2012
Also my fav Ferrari of all time
Dylan Bruder Oct 12, 2012
Now I'm not huge on ferraris so which one is this again?
Carlton Salmon Oct 12, 2012
My favourite Ferrari of all time. It has it all IMO.
Dylan Bruder Oct 12, 2012
This was always one of the best looking ferraris to me
Serge Pankratov Oct 16, 2012
This Ferrari gets my #1 vote. Always.
Scott Westphall Oct 13, 2012
The last Ferrari sans electronic assists. Purest drivers car made from the firm.
Kyle McCullough Oct 13, 2012
Headlights popup. The other ones are daytime running/foglights i believe
Jorge Gonzalez Oct 13, 2012
I still don't understand it tho, are the headlights the flip ups or the ones below?
Joshua Oct 12, 2012
The last car to be supervized by Enzo.. Love it
Babaloo Anderson Oct 12, 2012
@ cristian you are a dumbass and hate cars get off this app
Roger Guilemany Mortimer Oct 12, 2012
In his time, it was one of the best cars, and it is still one of them.
Sam Oglesby Oct 12, 2012
Best car Ferrari ever
Thibault Leroy Oct 12, 2012
Definitly up there in my list of favorite cars
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Oct 12, 2012
Best supercar to datev
Dylan Bruder Oct 12, 2012
Still cool to this day
Corey Mullis Oct 12, 2012
best ferrari ever
Mark McRearie Oct 13, 2012
never lived up to its expectations
Joshua Oct 12, 2012
I agree with Thibault
Roger Guilemany Mortimer Oct 12, 2012
I don't like it, too much holes.
Thibault Leroy Oct 12, 2012
The F50 is cool but it was always overshadowed by the F40
William Downs Oct 12, 2012
This car is amazing looking from every angle except the front, and it had great performance
Blake Antil Oct 12, 2012
F50 one of my favorite cars.
Maynor Pineda Oct 13, 2012
#1 favorite ferrari
Janak Solanki Oct 12, 2012
They should make a monument out of this.
Roger Guilemany Mortimer Oct 12, 2012
It was the best gift that Ferrari could made to his cretor, Enzo Ferrari.
Thibault Leroy Oct 12, 2012
Yeah the F1, enzo, veyron will all go down as legends
John Serely Oct 12, 2012
A truly timeless car
Westly Burgos Oct 13, 2012
Love it! I'll take one in matte black.
Nick Smith Oct 12, 2012
Nope, it's the FXX
Nick Smith Oct 12, 2012
Here's the greatest Ferrari ever...sorry F40
Louis Marr Oct 12, 2012
Im pretty sure this is one of those bikes that have a body to them. looks pretty cool
Chris Andrews Oct 12, 2012
I imagine that's a model
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Oct 12, 2012
The sheels are photo shopped lol!