Comments - 1937 Bugatti 57C Stelvio up for Auction

Published: Oct 12, 2012
Description: Most automakers offer a full range of vehicles of various types. Bugatti, however, is not most automakers. The Alsatian marque typically offers one model of car at a time. These days it's the Vey...
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Description: Offered by RM Auctions at its upcoming London sale later this month, this 1937 example is expected to fetch between £500,000 and £600,000 (equivalent to about $800k-$960k). Powered by a 160-...
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Anthony Richardson Oct 12, 2012
160hp straight 8 Supercharged? Musta been the cats meow in 37
Jeff Reissner Oct 12, 2012
odd how the camber is set
Jennifer Wallace Jan 16, 2013
Old Crappy man
Jennifer Wallace Jan 16, 2013
Ugh soo ugly
Jennifer Wallace Jan 16, 2013
It's for rock climbing
Jennifer Wallace Jan 16, 2013
It's a classic rich people
Adam Thomson Feb 11, 2013
That gear lever is Unusually long