Comments - Next-Gen Mercedes C63 AMG Spied

Published: Oct 11, 2012
Description: Behold, the first images of the next-generation C63 AMG sedan, the performance flagship of the completely new compact executive C-Class range Mercedes will roll out next year. Being brought in line wi...
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Tomas Franquelli Oct 11, 2012
6.2* also, why isn't it the called the C55 AMG? Mercedes you make no sense. Car People Are Awesome.
Miko Reginella Oct 11, 2012
The 5.5 L is still an awesome engine. You guys are talking like AMG ruined their reputation. Who doesn't want 75 more horsepower stock? I say great move AMG
Zaire Wilkins Oct 11, 2012
lol thats why the E-63 is getting redesign also
Dillon Magee Oct 11, 2012
I loved that engine. It was awesome.
Zaire Wilkins Oct 11, 2012
see thats you thought i was talking about the M3 but im talking about the S65 V8 inside the M5/6 X5M/6 they are very cheesey
Quinn Rogers Oct 11, 2012
Then the m3 is screwed cause they said it will only produce around 460hp
Zaire Wilkins Oct 11, 2012
i can respect mercedes V8's better than BMW's
Dylan Bruder Oct 11, 2012
Aww bye bye 6.2
Janak Solanki Oct 12, 2012
I think it looks awsome with the cammo. Looks like it can shrug off a couple bullets and rip up the asphalt.
Miko Reginella Oct 11, 2012
Those headlights look like their inspired from the s-class's
Zaire Wilkins Oct 11, 2012
you would point that out
Zaire Wilkins Oct 11, 2012
ahhh i see another person is really clocking me.....
John Jenkins Oct 11, 2012
every single comment of zaires is on nissans jock in one way or another I've noticed
Zaire Wilkins Oct 11, 2012
this and the next infiniti G will be on point since they share the same chassis
Description: The heavily camouflaged prototype is sporting wider bumpers and wheelarches, bigger air intakes, AMG-specific rims and bigger brakes over the current model it is due to replace. As development continu...
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Miko Reginella Oct 11, 2012
@Tony - Red brake calipers, Mercedes rims, power bulge in hood. I'd say it's a C63... or C55
Zaire Wilkins Oct 12, 2012
dimples = better gas milage
Shelby Cassandra Oct 11, 2012
I guess beating the car with a hammer is one way of making great camo for it.
Aj White Oct 13, 2012
Looks like its been in Death Race.
Janak Solanki Oct 12, 2012
Looks like the back was shot up by a T-1000 terminator