Comments - Maserati MC12 up for Auction in London

Published: Oct 11, 2012
Description: In an increasingly competitive automotive industry, every carmaker needs to find its own niche and differentiate itself from the competition. Maserati, however, had a bit of trouble finding its way un...
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Kieran Ward Oct 13, 2012
I've always had a soft spot fit these
Luke Purdy Oct 12, 2012
id rather have an enzo
Isaac Jacob Jimenez Oct 12, 2012
They have one of these at the swap shop in fort lauderdale
Jason Smith Oct 12, 2012
I think I would kill for one of these....
Scott Blair Oct 11, 2012
I saw that one in Calgary too. Nearly crashed trying to get a good look at it. One of fifty, rarest car I've ever seen.
Alex Renaud Oct 11, 2012
You can hear one of these approach from 2 or 3 blocks away. What an incredible sound. I saw one (after hearing it for a couple of minutes) dowtown Calgary a couple of summers ago. It was part of a car show/tour.
Justin Brest Oct 11, 2012
god I love these
Jordan Smith Oct 11, 2012
Such an awesome car.
Sam Oglesby Oct 11, 2012
Based on the enzo but faster Ferrari shot themselves in the foot
John Marchesi Marks Oct 11, 2012
@ Nick - yes, the car has a terrible blind spot but its incredibly fast!
Cody Gillard Oct 11, 2012
I never was a fan
James Deen Stevenson Oct 11, 2012
What a beaut. I'd take it over the Enzo any day
Matt Piccolo Oct 11, 2012
These are stunning! Absolutely stunning!
Description: Ferrari itself never raced the Enzo, but developed it into the MC12 to help re-establish the Maserati brand. It went on to dominate GT1 sportscar, but in order to homologate it for motorsport competit...
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Jt Collier Oct 11, 2012
Fast isn't just in a straight line, this thing killed all of its competitors in lap times
Brandon Lidy Oct 11, 2012
If I recall correctly, the MC12 did set faster lap times on a number of tracks
Justin Mancuso Oct 11, 2012
Whoever said its faster than the Enzo,should have read this first
Description: 25 examples were made for public consumption in 2004 and another 25 in 2005 to keep it in the good graces of the FIA, and most of them were painted in Maserati's signature white and blue livery l...
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