Comments - 1929 Good Humor Truck for Auction in Hershey

Published: Oct 11, 2012
Description: If you liked the Coca-Cola truck and the popcorn wagon we brought you a couple of weeks ago, just wait until you feast your eyes (and your tongue) on this rolling slice of Americana. Up for auction to...
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Tim Preisinger Oct 11, 2012
It's pretty obvious he's joking... Lighten up people. I hate the spinners thing more then anyone and even I got a little laugh out of that
Lee Gardner Oct 11, 2012
@jdm jeez bro quit snappin Shelby
Shelby Cassandra Oct 11, 2012
He's joking... You actually have to ask?
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Oct 11, 2012
I sereosly hope you arent serious Trey...
Tim Puckett Oct 11, 2012
@trey just wondering are you serious cuz if so you should probably delete this app...
Trey Villarreal Oct 11, 2012
Connors just mad that my exhaust tip is large enough to house a small family.
Joe Fats Harper Oct 11, 2012
You should stick a turbo on it, and then another turbo on top of that, and then another turbo on top if my other turbo.. It will make the spinners on the spinners spin faster than the other spinners..
Connor Garrett Koerbitz Oct 11, 2012
Oh wow, that would be so impressive...spinners those were 2002
Trey Villarreal Oct 11, 2012
We'll see who the fool is when I suddenly roll up with spinners on my spinners.
Connor Garrett Koerbitz Oct 11, 2012
Your a fool trey
Trey Villarreal Oct 11, 2012
Gunna put some 24's on it. Gunna drop it, put some new suspension for dem corners I'll be makin. Throw me on some brembo brakes. Maybe paint the calipers sumthin bright for that extra stopping power.
Description: The 3/4-ton chassis was outfitted with a refrigerated compartment kept cool by stores of dry ice packed in all around the truck. Having served frozen treats to countless happy customers young and ...
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Bill Estep Jr Oct 11, 2012
I wonder if that's the bahoga horn
Michael Gallagher Oct 11, 2012
With prices like that, noone would go hungry!