Comments - Ghost Coupe Spied Testing at the Ring

Published: Oct 10, 2012
Description: Rolls-Royce at the Nurburgring is not something we see every day, and these spy shots add weight to the rumor that the upcoming Ghost Coupe (tipped to receive the Corniche moniker) will be the sportie...
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Ethan Amo Oct 10, 2012
They certainly have my attention now
Thomas William Tuer-sipos Oct 11, 2012
Mustang went on a high Calorie diet, mustangs chubby double!!
Author Norman R. Colson Oct 10, 2012
Mustang is that you?
Matthew Michael Gamez Oct 10, 2012
Sweet father of body roll.
Cody Miess Oct 10, 2012
From the left it looks like a mustang
Description: This prototype is wearing plenty of camouflage as well as three door handles to throw us off the scent, although it's a nailed-on certainty the Corniche will come with the Phantom Coupe's su...
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Tyler Wallace Feb 12, 2013
This vs the gt500
Aj White Oct 12, 2012
@andrew Uh, the article says its the most powerful, sportiest Rolls Royce ever and they're aiming at a younger clientel. READ.
Jason Cotugno Oct 11, 2012
I agree with David and Ian...looks very much like a mustang body type.
Mark Pasillas Oct 11, 2012
Mr captain slow would not be pleased haha
Tyler Ray DeFord Oct 10, 2012
No kidding Andrew. That's the last place they need to be.
Andrew Muller Oct 10, 2012
Fine, ill be the one to say this why is rolls royce at the nurburgring
Dillon Magee Oct 10, 2012
Looks good. I'm excited.
Michael Kozlowski Oct 10, 2012
This thing has a good looking stance to it, I like.
Ian Barger Oct 10, 2012
Thats what i thought david.
David Parenti Oct 10, 2012
Looks kinda mustangish from the rear to the front of the door.
Tifa Morsi Oct 10, 2012
And this is something I really cant wait to see, Ghost Coupe :S Hell yeh!!!
Rashid AlGhafli Oct 11, 2012
They're BMW 750 wheels in the front, and probably Bentley continental GT's in the back
Lee Oleinick Oct 10, 2012
Boy that looks very heavy. Also like the Audi wheels in the front and the BMW in the rear
Bobby Bob Oct 10, 2012
I'm pretty sure it's camo, a small rear door doesn't entirely make sense on a RR.
John Serely Oct 10, 2012
I was going to say read the article, Avery, but you say you already have. I'm still thinking its camo
Max Müller Oct 10, 2012
Yes, I think so, too
Avery Williams Oct 10, 2012
And yes, I've read the article.
Avery Williams Oct 10, 2012
Does anyone else see that it's going to have a small door just like the Madza RX-8?