Comments - Bentley Continental GT by Wheelsandmore

Published: Oct 10, 2012
Description: German tuner Wheelsandmore has followed up its CLS63 AMG package with a collection of goodies for the Bentley Continental GT, GTC and GT Speed. In terms of the styling accessories, Wheelsandmore offer...
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Carlton Salmon Oct 11, 2012
Out of all the wheels in this article, these are my favourite by far.
Ryan Spencer Oct 11, 2012
I like these wheels. Cool enough to be different, but not over done.
Craig Lafey Oct 11, 2012
That looks great!!
Randy Hjelm Oct 10, 2012
Looks like the thing ran into a wall like a damn pug haha
Dillon Magee Oct 10, 2012
Same. I don't really like the rims though.
Thibault Leroy Oct 10, 2012
I like that they kept the bentley badge on the wheels
Description: The Continental can also be fitted with an electronic lowering module and valve-controlled stainless-steel exhaust with remote-controllable flaps that offer more volume and an additional 15 horsepower...
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Bill Estep Jr Oct 11, 2012
I like how they don't have cross n drilled rotors jus plain ol' rotors by the looks of it
Ryan Spencer Oct 11, 2012
These, not so much
Author Norman R. Colson Oct 10, 2012
Sexy car right thurr...
Todd Randall Oct 10, 2012
Those are Kahn's signature wheels.
John Serely Oct 10, 2012
Great observation, hang...
Prince Huang Oct 10, 2012
This is a different bentley
Ashwin Kotwaliwale Jan 02, 2013
Bentley is sort of fast
Dillon Magee Oct 10, 2012
These rims are much better.
Thibault Leroy Oct 10, 2012
Love those rims
Graham Browne Oct 12, 2012
Great colour scheme. .
Dillon Magee Oct 10, 2012
That looks good. The white with the black and red rims works well, IMO.
Author Norman R. Colson Oct 10, 2012
Nice in white...
Brian Johnston Oct 10, 2012
Ill have one of these please
Aiden Bass Oct 11, 2012
Continental tires... I see what they did there