Comments - Alfa Returning Stateside in 2014 with 4 New Models

Published: Oct 10, 2012
Description: It's been on the table for over a decade, but it has yet to happen. We're talking, of course, about Alfa Romeo's return to the North American market for the first time since 1995. Havin...
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Jv Oct 11, 2012
I want to see the 4c come to the US.
Joseph Flieder Oct 10, 2012
Finally my Alfa virginity will be gone :')
Jon Ashley Oct 10, 2012
finally, confirmation! sweet
F1 Fanatic Oct 12, 2012
looks like a scion (imvhbko)
Joseph Flieder Oct 10, 2012
Sorry I called dibs
Terrance Parker Oct 10, 2012
I'll take this one!!
Description: The most exciting of the four new models being developed particularly for the US market will be a pair of sportscars. The new Duetto is being co-developed with Mazda on the basis of the next-generatio...
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Description: The 4C will serve as something of a halo car, similar to what the R8 does for Audi or the Viper does for Chrysler, only smaller, nimbler and more affordable. The marque's bread and butter, howeve...
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Simon Trépanier Oct 12, 2012
No Giulietta for US market :-(
Cody Fullerton Oct 11, 2012
Alfa is working on developing a rwd range as well, based on the platform for the SRT Barracuda. I wouldn't be surprised if they made a 3 series competitor out of it
Isaac Jacob Jimenez Oct 10, 2012
I will buy the diesel version
Brandon Lidy Oct 10, 2012
The Giulia will probably be at about 30k. 4C will probably range 60k or more. With the roadster right above the Giulia and the crossover right above that
Jeff Link Oct 10, 2012
No price ranges?
F1 Fanatic Oct 12, 2012
wheels originally on a 928
Kenneth Wayne Brown II Oct 11, 2012
Wait... Wal-Mart sales wine racks?
Author Norman R. Colson Oct 11, 2012
Sexy!!! Sex on wheels!
Tyler Tarbox Oct 11, 2012
Love love love Italian styling. Alfa, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani, Maserati. All build just epic looking cars. Even the little Fiat 500 is pretty cool looking.
Patrick Schalk Oct 10, 2012
Scott that is now the dumbest thing I've ever heard on CB. You sir, are a fail.
Scott Williams Oct 10, 2012
I just noticed the side mirror lights! That's fantastic
Scott Williams Oct 10, 2012
Walmart Car? This looks fantastic.... What are you talking about? All American cars look like they are from Walmart anyways
Joshua Oct 10, 2012
Jizzed again....
Karen Van Heerden Oct 10, 2012
Rims are possibly "Momo's". This particular design has been around since the 70's at least. Alfa is very big on design cues from it's past. And comparing an Alfa to a muscle car... drive one first
Kwesi Desmond Prempeh Oct 10, 2012
Mustangs and camaro's over Alfa ; a Walmart car. Brian your taste is impeccable IMO .Brian as we know the finish and interiors of aforementioned muscle cars ooze sophistication and class much akin to SAKS.
Kwesi Desmond Prempeh Oct 10, 2012
Shelby, your opinion is noted. Umm like wine rack rims found in Walmart. An astute observation IMO.
Matt Piccolo Oct 10, 2012
This looks sick!
Daniel Eads Oct 10, 2012
I can't wait for this car to come stateside!
Terrance Parker Oct 10, 2012
And I'll take this one!!
Brian Johnston Oct 10, 2012
The car looks like its from Walmart at that. Not just the rims.
Ben Bourdon Oct 10, 2012
They look like rims you would find on most Lamborghun
Shelby Cassandra Oct 10, 2012
Those rims look like a wine rack you'd find in a Walmart.
Description: Finally Alfa is tipped to offer a crossover sharing its underpinnings with the next-gen Jeep Compass and Patriot to target the likes of the Volkswagen Tiguan. Initially a larger SUV was planned based ...
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Douglas Dielle Oct 12, 2012
I will give up my MX5 NC2 for this in a heartbeat.
James E Caldwell Oct 11, 2012
This, built on a beefed up miata platform by Masda, will be the car to get. Italian style mixed with Japanese reliability. Could be the perfect combo.
Gurjit Singh Oct 11, 2012
@sam itis just u
Sam Oglesby Oct 11, 2012
Is it just me or does it look a lot like the BMW i8 from this angle
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Oct 11, 2012
If you painted it white & put a red circle on the door with the #5 in the middle, also a red "M" on the hood what does it sort of look like? Lol
Daniel Eads Oct 10, 2012
Nothing beats italian styling.
Joseph Flieder Oct 10, 2012
Why all the comparisons to mustangs and camaros. Those cars boxy girls cars. Good looking but still girls cars. This car is just plain sexy.
Russ Wollman Oct 10, 2012
Sempre perfetto come usuale, dalla ditta Pininfarina!
Thibault Leroy Oct 10, 2012
@Ben i see what you did there
Scott Lenahan Oct 10, 2012
I want that so bad.. Ill buy it the first day it arrives...
Janak Solanki Oct 10, 2012
Oh my. That is beautiful
Terrance Parker Oct 10, 2012
And I'll take this one too!!
Brian Johnston Oct 10, 2012
Only Alfa that id buy if camaros, mustangs and m3's didn't exist.
Ben Bourdon Oct 10, 2012
Yea I need some new shoes, possibly a nice shirt too.
Steve Sandford Oct 10, 2012
I think I need a new pair of pants
Kyle McCullough Oct 11, 2012
Subaru TriBeCa front, Chrysler Pacifica rear
Janya Pulusu Oct 10, 2012
@tyler pacifica
Tyler Ray DeFord Oct 10, 2012
It somehow reminds me of Chryslers old SUV whatever it was called.
Joshua Oct 10, 2012
I'm having a hard time
Nick Ricci Oct 10, 2012
Anyone else see Nissan Juke up until the grille?
Terrance Parker Oct 10, 2012
I won't take this one however :-(
Ben Bourdon Oct 10, 2012
Maybe that's why it feels so bland
Jeremy Russell Oct 10, 2012
It looks good, but the color doesn't help at all