Comments - Acura Discontinues ZDX Crossover

Published: Oct 10, 2012
Description: The German automakers may be forging ahead full-steam with slant-roofed crossovers to pursue the territory held by the quirky BMW X6, but one carmaker is abandoning that same territory. That automaker...
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Description: The decision is hardly surprising when you look at the sales numbers: so far this year (as of September), Acura sold 642 units of the ZDX (little over half what it had sold by this same point last yea...
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Dylan Bruder Oct 10, 2012
I agree I thought it looked neat in person it's just too much of a niche vehicle
Patrick Schalk Oct 10, 2012
As much as a don't really like cross-overs, this one always caught my eye when I saw them in person.
Paul Dickey Oct 10, 2012
I agree with both of you.
Daniel Eads Oct 10, 2012
Or maybe because this was a ugly car.
Sebastian Grey Oct 10, 2012
That's because crossover are rubbish and people are finally starting to figure that out.
Description: A few interior upgrades are part of the 2013 upgrade as well, while motivation will continue to come from a 3.7-liter V6 driving 300 horsepower to all four wheels through a six-speed automatic transmi...
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Kent Huynh Oct 10, 2012
Only seen 2 my entire life (I'm 12), it's been 3 years since its debut and that's it.
Matt Piccolo Oct 10, 2012
We have a family friend with one and he loves it! I've been in it an its really nice, but I'm not a fan of its look
Nick Pietropaolo Oct 10, 2012
am i the only one who has never even seen one of these before or even knew they existed??!!?? obviously everyone has seen thousands of mdx's but never this one
Brandon Bairian Oct 10, 2012
I saw one of these aborations drive down my street once. I started running after it and cursing to never come back . It is truly an assault on the optic nerve. Cancel and also buy back and creamate this crassover.
Tomas Franquelli Oct 11, 2012
Love it, and the Crosstour was just growing on me. Sad day for people who like weird shit.
Dale Schroeder Oct 11, 2012
Probably would've done better if it was branded as a Civic SUV, cause that's exactly what it looks like. Doesn't carry any of the sporty or upscale image they want Acuras to have.
Kent Huynh Oct 10, 2012
Throw the taillights on a R8. IMO
Michael Kozlowski Oct 10, 2012
I always felt like this and the Accord Crosstour were pretty bad cars by the entire Honda group. Kind of glad to see they're stopping production on these and putting their money into better projects.
Jay Kolvenbag Oct 10, 2012
Good of them to stop this project, looks like the X6, that only sold to rich people who wanted to show that they have enough money to buy an ugly car
Kent Huynh Oct 10, 2012
@Patrick It's true, my dad owns a RDX and it's über-comfy.
Patrick Schalk Oct 10, 2012
Acuras have always had great interiors. I like em.
Justin Mancuso Oct 10, 2012
I'll admit,that sure looks comfy.
Max Ignatyev Oct 11, 2012
Personally I think acuras are ugly. This was among the ugliest. I'm glad they're stopping production. oh and the BMW crossover is pretty ugly too.
Aj White Oct 11, 2012
@jeremy I do too dude
Jason W. Evers Oct 11, 2012
Tell a girl "With a different face, you'd be pretty"
Kent Huynh Oct 10, 2012
With a different shaped body, it would look pretty good.
Colby Church Oct 10, 2012
It's not ugly, it's decent looking.
Xavier Mangubat Oct 10, 2012
I like this car
Rockesh Boulder Oct 10, 2012
I think you are
Jeremy Singleton Oct 10, 2012
Am I the only one that likes the look of this car? LOL!
Carlos Rubio Oct 10, 2012
It looks like a BMW X6.