Comments - Twin-Turbo Gallardo Sets World Record Quarter-Mile

Published: Oct 01, 2012
Description: As far as Lamborghini tuning goes, one name stands above the rest: Underground Racing. The North Carolina-based outfit is known for twin-turbocharging Gallardos, and now the team has just broken into ...
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Jarrett Sheppard Oct 02, 2012
That car was sick.
Jared Palmer Oct 01, 2012
I took pics of this car without the rear fascia on it about three weeks ago
Description: The Gallardo apparently handles well enough on the street with 1,100 hp on ordinary pump gas, but churns out over 1,750 hp at the wheels running on racing fuel. Its claimed 1.5-second 0-60 run is enou...
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Belly Han Oct 02, 2012
Gone in 5 seconds
Mike Ralsh Oct 02, 2012
Hate to say it but.. Hovie is right. UR cars do break down often. Two TT Gallardos I think broke down on DragTimesInfo. Search up "TT Gallardo vs. Alpha 12 GTR" on YouTube. Insane tuning but with all that power, stuff like this is expected unfortunately.
William Downs Oct 02, 2012
@hovie.... I call bull shit on that one cause there ain't no video on here or YouTube about a underground lambo ever failing, so unless u have a link to this "video" I say your lying
Zeus Mocha Oct 01, 2012
Todd you could be right but 1.5 at 60' would be kinda bad for a car that has 1700hp and weird for a car that does the 1/4 in 8.3 at 180. Then again 1700 to the wheel may not hit the ground nice in the first two seconds. So basically more info needed!
Todd Nall Oct 01, 2012
1.5s 60 foot time. Not 0-60mph. This article has misquoted URs press release.
Serge Pankratov Oct 01, 2012
If u watched the entire video it clearly says that the world record is for the fastest 1/4 mile on a Gallardo. Wicked car.. Thats all i got to say.
Brady Fereday Oct 01, 2012
But the GTR's do have more weight a back seat and most everything else and they are in the 8s as well just saying
Caleb Henderson Oct 01, 2012
GTR's ain't got shit on that Lambo
Kyle Hardisty Oct 01, 2012
this thing is wicked fast!
Adam Mitchel Oct 01, 2012
Absolutely incredible
Colby Church Oct 01, 2012
I wonder what the record is for, because I know of many faster cars.
Preston Ming Oct 01, 2012
put some drag radials or slicks on it and it might pull high 7s..still want to see the UR Aventador though...
Justin Brest Oct 01, 2012
wtf lol... yeah i know right?! pssshhhh whats 8.3seconds? was that a corolla?... you realize this car has things like lights, doors, windshield wipers, real glass and a gas tank that holds more then 3/4 gallon right? its a street car that does 0-180mph in a 1/4 mile! but your probably right. After all, its only a world record...
Dillon Magee Oct 01, 2012
That is crazy fast.
Chad Schley Oct 01, 2012
Justin from the looks of it this is not a "drag car". It's not like this thing has been tubed and the front drivetrain taken out. I'm sure with some more time developing it for the 1/4 they can touch into the 7's.
Seth Pettman Oct 01, 2012
Wow that's an incredible sound :D
Justin Tucker Oct 01, 2012
I take that back, it is impressive but still, kinda shocks me that it can't break a 7
Isaac Rezkalla Oct 01, 2012
What's the top speed of this
Justin Tucker Oct 01, 2012
You would think with 1750hp it would at least break a late 7. Iv seen a street legal 1500hp supra do a 7.8 quarter. It may not do 1.5 0-60 but still, that's 250hp less and a car that weighs more....this vid isn't impressive
Olivier Chaput Oct 01, 2012
Holy s....! Thats insanely fast!
John Serely Oct 01, 2012
1.5 0-60 must feel insane!
Aaron Crisp Oct 01, 2012
What world record did they set? For a Gallardo? Sick machine though, so quick.
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Oct 01, 2012
WTF. UR decimates everybody. I mean by the time you can say the name of the car its already at 60mph. Go Head- try it. "Lamborghini Gallardo"
William Downs Oct 01, 2012
Engines usually fail by piston rings going bad, nuking a piston, or blowing a hole in the block, but under ground hasn't ha a failure in any of the cars they have built and these thins get used
Tara Fitria Oct 01, 2012
Damn thats a bad ass machine. I've always wondered how long one of these would last, just out of curiosity. What happens to cause the engine to "wear out" or fail? I always thought the tranny would let go before the engine in the lambos.
Ghaith AL-sharari Oct 01, 2012
That's so crazy 0-60 in 1.5 seconds !
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Oct 01, 2012
I just found my new favorite lambo
Hugh Johnson Dec 26, 2012
For a muscle, I was expecting a lesser time
Theviper007 Oct 06, 2012
Serge Pankratov Oct 01, 2012
My fav Gallardo :)
Robert S Young Oct 07, 2012
I Donno, I would put the cover back on. But then again why put a turtle neck on your girl when you get her that boob job..
William Downs Oct 02, 2012
Hovie knows nothing about any car, thinks he does though... Wonder why?
Brad Hickey Oct 02, 2012
You do realize that the intakes get air through the ducts on the side right?
William Downs Oct 02, 2012
Funny u see all that black, the entire system is ceramic coated, and ur has a proven reliability track so trash talk somewhere else
Serge Pankratov Oct 01, 2012
Maybe u can post it on CarBuzz so we can all say how shity ur work is. I just doubt that the chances of that happening ecen exists. Just sayin.
Serge Pankratov Oct 01, 2012
If u cant appreciate this work of art then somethin is really wrong with you. I dont give a shit what ur excuse is. Theres only so much room they can work with and they did an awesome job using all the space they can. When u build something better
William Downs Oct 01, 2012
Hell yea I would also that setup look amazing
Craig Lafey Oct 01, 2012
Very clean setup. Looks great
Seth McCormick Oct 01, 2012
I think traffic safety laws require for a car to have a rear bumber. That's unfortunate. I'd always have it off if I had this car.. It's so beautiful. The amount of work and craftsmanship is simply incredible.
Tim Puckett Oct 01, 2012
I'd imagine when their done showing it off that they put the bumper back on but I'd probably keep it off if I had one
Author Norman R. Colson Oct 01, 2012
That's a big freaking engine!!!
William Downs Oct 01, 2012
No, but when your work is that beautiful why not show it off
Aislin Cooper Oct 01, 2012
Does the bumper have to stay off for a reason?
William Downs Oct 01, 2012
Now that's craftsman ship, looks factory fresh