Comments - Red Bull Remixes Lincoln Tunnel Run

Published: Oct 01, 2012
Description: Back in August we brought you footage from the Red Bull Racing running its RB7 F1 car through the Lincoln Tunnel. Now the reigning world-champion Formula 1 team has released a new cut on the original ...
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Description: The new cut shows off one of the reasons why people love F1 racing as much as they do: the fantastic sound. Particularly when reverberating off the walls of the tunnel at speeds of up to 190 mph. (We&...
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Quint Do Oct 02, 2012
Is the tunnel going to be a part of the grand prix?
Janak Solanki Oct 01, 2012
Wow my adrenaline is pumping after watching that. Need some speed!
Chris Landstrom Oct 01, 2012
This is why I love F-1 love the sound. Hope they don't get rid of that great sounding engine.
Janak Solanki Oct 01, 2012
Look at the drama captured in that shot